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Why Should I Incorporate a Lutron System?

Contemporary kitchen and living space with a round dining table and chairs. A chandelier hangs above it.

Designers & Architects Make Clients Happier with this Smart Home Solution

More American homeowners want smart home technology integrated into their homes each year. That final project looks different for everyone, though. Some opt for the DIY route, piecing together disparate systems and devices for a somewhat convenient home upgrade. It works, but there are several apps to juggle through. Others contact the professionals.

If you’re a designer or architect, you know that meeting and surpassing your clients’ expectations is vital for the success of your business. At the beginning of any project, enlist the help of a smart home integration specialist like Cravtsman to ensure all technology systems complement your new build, remodeling project, or extensive redesign. 

Our team has the expertise to coordinate and install various devices, programming them to work in synchronicity with one another. How do we do it? Keep reading below to discover what we can do with a Lutron system!

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Create Beautiful Spaces With A Smart Home System

Sophisticated and ultra-modern kitchen space soft blue illumination accents natural sunlight streaming in from out of frame.

Discover How Technology Enhances Home Aesthetics And Elevates Client Lifestyles

The modern home offers many amenities that make living spaces more functional and entertaining, but it need not be at the cost of design. A smart home system creates a more personalized environment, from having the perfect level of comfort to furnishing an atmosphere that relaxes the brain and soothes the soul. 

We believe that home automation is about more than applying technology for its own sake. The integration of controls and interfaces should lift up the way people live, work, and play. Rather than displace design and decor, the right system becomes a collaborative tool, amplifying your vision and giving you new dimensions to explore. 

Are you curious about the possibilities for your clients in Soho and the greater NYC area? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Improve Wellness and Happiness in the Home With Circadian Rhythm Lighting


Discover how tunable lighting elevates the way people live, work and sleep

Light is a transformative medium; in the blink of any eye, it sets a mood, creates ambiance, and influences the perceptions of the individual who experiences it. When designing living spaces, the time, duration, color, and intensity of illumination are critical factors for comfort, creativity, and productivity. 

Natural light has the most significant impact, the sun’s daily cycle influences our evolutionary development and social constructs. While many of the converted Tribeca, NY buildings have large windows, the congestion of towers further downtown and standard electric fixtures can work against incorporating the benefits of daylight. Adding circadian rhythm lighting adds beauty and benefits to any residence. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your clients? Then continue reading below to find out more.

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How A Savant System Can Transform Your Home


See How Savant System’s Easy-To-Use Platform Delivers Technology Attuned to Your Needs and Preferences.

Technology is so integral to our lives that there are apps out there for almost everything. But nothing brings your home technology together quite like a Savant System. As a certified Savant dealer, Cravtsman understands how to make this smart system work to add the most convenience and luxury to your lifestyle in Alpine NJ. 

In particular, we want to talk about one aspect of Savant that has always made them stand out from the competition—their commitment to a seamless user experience. 

Read on to learn more about how smart home automation from Savant creates a perfect ecosystem of control, sensors, and technology for luxurious living. 

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Home Automation: Reasons to Select Savant Home Automation


Savant Home Automation Offers Some of The Best Features to Enrich Your Lifestyle

If you are thinking about getting a home automation system for your Soho, NY house, you have a range of options to choose from. It can certainly be overwhelming to pick the right one, but Cravtsman is here to help you make the ideal choice.

We work with some of the best home automation brands in the market and can't recommend Savant home automation systems enough. This innovative system can provide you with a wide variety of features that can make it convenient to manage all your technology from one place.

Let's have a look at what makes Savant home automation one of the best smart home systems to transform your home in Soho, NY.

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Lutron Lighting Systems Give You A More Beautiful, Sophisticated Home


See the difference that a technologically innovated lighting system can make in your Closter, New Jersey home.

What difference can the right lighting make in your house? Light is essential for more than just being able to see (although that is important). There are many creative purposes for lighting, from creating a certain ambiance for an event to highlighting certain decor. The right lighting system can also help your body adjust its circadian rhythms, which can help you to sleep better—and who doesn’t want that?

Read on to learn more about how the right lighting control from Lutron lighting system can completely change your Closter, New Jersey home. By combining Lutron’s innovative solutions into your existing Savant home automation system, Cravtsman’s technology experts can help make your home even more of a sanctuary.

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Lutron Lighting: A Versatile Approach to Residential Lighting


Let There Be Light In Your Home

Lights are essential for creating the right ambience in any house, and while traditional lighting gets the job done, it doesn't mean that you can't have a more sophisticated lighting system in place to illuminate every room and bring your house to the 21st century. The evolution of traditional 19th-century lighting to modern smart lighting technology solutions has opened a door of opportunities for custom lighting to suit your mood and décor.

If you're thinking about upgrading your lighting system, the Lutron lighting system can provide the ultimate lighting control for your Cold Spring Harbor, NY residence. Keep reading to discover why the Lutron lighting system is the ideal solution for your lighting woes.

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Improve Health and Wellness at Home With Motorized Shades


Harness the power of natural sunlight to create a healthier living environment

What comes to mind when you think about “wellness?” Perhaps you associate wellness with eating well, remaining mindful during the day, exercising, and getting enough sleep at night. Most likely, you don’t associate wellness with…..window shades.

Wellness is characterized by the act of practicing habits that positively impact your physical, mental, and emotional health. And believe it or not, smart motorized shades can help you implement more wellness into your life. Curious? Keep reading to learn how automated window treatments can enhance your health and well-being in Closter, NJ.

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2 Desirable Features of Smart Motorized Shades


Learn Why Smart Window Treatments Are Perfect for Any Room in Your Home

Create a space that is smart and stunning. Motorized window treatments not only add appeal to your home, but they offer complete light control, especially when integrated with your Lutron lighting system. While store-bought, ordinary shades serve a purpose, they are no match for smart motorized shades – where high tech meets high class.

If your apartment or home in New York City needs new shades, don’t settle for everyday options. Upgrade your expectations by considering motorized window treatments. Keep reading to see the two primary benefits of having smart shades in your home.

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Boost Boardroom Productivity with Commercial Automation


Have more effective meetings, foster better collaboration, and give yourself new tools for sharing information

In many businesses, perhaps even among your own staff, a boardroom meeting is seen as a necessary evil. These meetings can be tiresome, tedious, and unproductive. You may spend more time setting up the presentation software or conference call than conveying useful information, and you may have subpar tools for sharing that content.

It’s time for an upgrade. Eliminate presentation hassles, make it easier for your workforce to collaborate and take advantage of new tools to disseminate information with boardroom automation. To learn more about some of these new commercial technologies and what they can do for your New York City business, keep reading.

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