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Add Value to Your Home Design Project with a Savant System


Designers and Architects! Learn Why Home Automation is a Big Pull for Homebuyers.

Most homeowners still settle for “business as usual” in their homes. That is, they manage their home’s technologies the old-fashioned way – flipping on a light switch, manually adjusting the shades, or watching a basic TV without surround sound? They’ve done it for so long that they probably don’t realize there’s a better way.

Savant is a popular smart home system that allows property owners to automate their homes in ways they never thought possible. It’s so popular because it is easy to use and adds value to homes. As a designer or architect, you have the power to give your clients what they need – a fully functional home automation system. Read on to discover how a Savant system helps you create a more functional, convenient, and luxurious residential space for your clients in Chelsea, NY.

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How A Savant System Can Transform Your Home


See How Savant System’s Easy-To-Use Platform Delivers Technology Attuned to Your Needs and Preferences.

Technology is so integral to our lives that there are apps out there for almost everything. But nothing brings your home technology together quite like a Savant System. As a certified Savant dealer, Cravtsman understands how to make this smart system work to add the most convenience and luxury to your lifestyle in Alpine NJ. 

In particular, we want to talk about one aspect of Savant that has always made them stand out from the competition—their commitment to a seamless user experience. 

Read on to learn more about how smart home automation from Savant creates a perfect ecosystem of control, sensors, and technology for luxurious living. 

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