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Why Work with a Lutron Dealer?


Provide top-notch lighting for your clients with a Lutron dealer

When designing a home, it isn’t just about the aesthetics. Homeowners expect the best technological features to fit perfectly within their home design. While this can be challenging at times, lighting control and motorized shades are two technology features that can be vital tools for interior designers. Beyond adding comfort and efficiency to everyday life, they help homeowners stage their rooms for any occasion and highlight their favorite architectural features and artwork.

To fully optimize the lighting and shading in your projects, we recommend working with a Lutron dealer. They’ll not only advise you on the solution that would best fit your projects in Closter, NJ, but implement them seamlessly without adding significant time or budget to your project. Read on to find out why you should work with a Lutron dealer when starting your next design project.  

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Add Ease to Your Day-To-Day and Make Your Home Function Better by Integrating All Your Smart Products and Systems

When it comes to smart devices in your home, you might picture your Amazon Echo for playing music or your Ring doorbell for seeing who’s at your door. However, when thinking about your smart products, it’s best to think of them all as one integrated system instead of separate items.  

You can control your systems for media, lights, surveillance, and more through one centralized hub. Keep reading to find out how smart home services can transform your life and home in New York City.

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