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Create Beautiful Spaces With A Smart Home System

Sophisticated and ultra-modern kitchen space soft blue illumination accents natural sunlight streaming in from out of frame.

Discover How Technology Enhances Home Aesthetics And Elevates Client Lifestyles

The modern home offers many amenities that make living spaces more functional and entertaining, but it need not be at the cost of design. A smart home system creates a more personalized environment, from having the perfect level of comfort to furnishing an atmosphere that relaxes the brain and soothes the soul. 

We believe that home automation is about more than applying technology for its own sake. The integration of controls and interfaces should lift up the way people live, work, and play. Rather than displace design and decor, the right system becomes a collaborative tool, amplifying your vision and giving you new dimensions to explore. 

Are you curious about the possibilities for your clients in Soho and the greater NYC area? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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How A Savant System Can Transform Your Home


See How Savant System’s Easy-To-Use Platform Delivers Technology Attuned to Your Needs and Preferences.

Technology is so integral to our lives that there are apps out there for almost everything. But nothing brings your home technology together quite like a Savant System. As a certified Savant dealer, Cravtsman understands how to make this smart system work to add the most convenience and luxury to your lifestyle in Alpine NJ. 

In particular, we want to talk about one aspect of Savant that has always made them stand out from the competition—their commitment to a seamless user experience. 

Read on to learn more about how smart home automation from Savant creates a perfect ecosystem of control, sensors, and technology for luxurious living. 

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Home Automation: Reasons to Select Savant Home Automation


Savant Home Automation Offers Some of The Best Features to Enrich Your Lifestyle

If you are thinking about getting a home automation system for your Soho, NY house, you have a range of options to choose from. It can certainly be overwhelming to pick the right one, but Cravtsman is here to help you make the ideal choice.

We work with some of the best home automation brands in the market and can't recommend Savant home automation systems enough. This innovative system can provide you with a wide variety of features that can make it convenient to manage all your technology from one place.

Let's have a look at what makes Savant home automation one of the best smart home systems to transform your home in Soho, NY.

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Smart Home Integrators: Cornerstones of Residential Development


Home Automation Experts Work with Designers and Builders to Create “Lifestyle” Homes

Local interior designers and architects have long partnered with contractors, using their expertise to create a home aligned with their client's vision. However, today's technology-driven world has added one more professional to the mix, the smart home integrator responsible for home automation systems in Morristown, NJ, and beyond.

Let's look at how professional, smart home integrators help designers, architects, and builders create the ultimate home in elevated living.

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Lutron Lighting Control: A Smarter Way to Light Your Home


Illuminate Your Rooms with AutomatedLights That Are Intuitive and Attractive

Do you have the right lights in your home? Unlike traditional lights, smart lighting is human-centric, tunable, and designed to achieve the perfect balance of form and function for any space. If you want a room-enhancing automated lighting system, then you need lights that create the ambiance you want while giving you complete control at the touch of a button.

See your home in a new light with a lighting control system by Lutron. You’ll be able to set lighting scenes, as well as change the color and intensity of the lights for different areas of your home in Closter, NJ. Keep reading to learn the two primary reasons to upgrade to smart lighting.

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Media Control Makes It Simple to Manage Your Entertainment


Entertain as You’d Like, Without Unsightly Wiring and Black Boxes

Imagine having a get together with friends, and every room in your New York City home is playing your favorite music station – kitchen, dining room, and outdoor patio. Or imagine controlling your cable box or Apple TV without the clutter of black boxes marring your décor – the components are in a separate room entirely on an AV rack.

All of that, and more, is possible with a media control system designed and installed by Cravtsman. From the initial consultation to installation to support, we pride ourselves in delivering first-class service to our clients in New York City and the surrounding areas. We listen to how you’d like to use your media control system, and craft a system built custom to your needs.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can do with media control in your residence.

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All the Benefits You'll See from Wireless Lighting Control


Learn more about how these systems can help Alpine, NJ, residents make their home more beautiful and comfortable

It’s difficult to measure just how much light influences our daily lives. Light not only impacts our daily activities and our mood; it also plays a major role in interior design.

Until recently, however, the technological options for taking advantage of light in new ways was rather limited. But with wireless lighting control, you can set the perfect mood for any occasion in your Alpine, NJ, home, while helping yourself live a more relaxed, comfortable lifestyle. We’ll be focusing on Lutron products in this blog, but the same principles are true for all wireless lighting products. Curious to know more? Read on.

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Easy Guide to Setting Up 2-Channel Audio at Home


Everything you need to enjoy crisp, clear, high-fidelity sound in your New York City home

There are many ways to enjoy music in your house. For background listening, a wireless speaker or two will do the trick. If you’re watching a movie, surround sound is the best way to create that immersive theater feeling. But to treat your ears with your favorite songs at the best quality, there’s no beating 2-channel audio.

Setting up 2-channel requires more than just a set of speakers, however. Achieving optimal sound quality involves your speakers, your amplifier and the cables that link everything together. If you’re a little confused, there’s no need to fret; we’re the experts. Today we’ll walk you through everything you need to know and all the components you’ll need to build a 2-channel audio system for your New York City home.

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