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What Architectural Lighting Fixtures Can Bring to Your Builds and Clients

A luxury home with architectural lighting fixtures from Ketra.

Provide Your Clients Luxury Lighting with a Ketra Lighting System

As a builder or designer, you want to leave every client with a luxury home. But luxury doesn’t just come from the physical design of the house; it also comes from the lifestyle it provides. One essential part of any construction is the lighting. The right lighting can enhance the beauty of the home you’re building and offer your customers a truly luxurious lifestyle.

For premium lighting in your build, you ought to consider installing architectural lighting fixtures and a smart lighting control system like Ketra. These fixtures and systems can elevate the beauty of a home and give your client more control. Keep reading to see why these are an excellent choice for your builds in Upper East Side, NY.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Energy Management With Savant Energy

 A Savant Energy smart panel installed in a luxury home.

Know Where Your Energy Comes From and Where It Goes

Many households use as much energy as they need without having a second thought about it. Then when the utility bill comes, they might be blown away by the number on the bottom line. Homeowners may want to cut down on their energy usage, but it’s hard to gauge without daily monitoring. 

That’s where Savant Power comes in. Savant has created a way to make a home’s electrical system smart, providing key insights to homeowners about how much energy they use, where it goes, and how much it costs. By installing it in your new build, you can help homeowners stay aware of their energy consumption. Keep reading to learn more about Savant energy and how it could benefit the future owners of your Tribeca, NY, project. 

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Upgrade the Look & Feel of a Space with Retrofit Lighting Design

an open-concept dining room and living area with hanging pendant and ceiling lighting fixtures.

Three Considerations Our Team Makes During Lighting Projects

Imagine combining an artist’s paintbrush, an architect’s eye, a designer’s intuition, and an engineer’s brain, then adding a remodeling project idea—you’ve got yourself a retrofit lighting design project.

Lighting can make or break a home’s ambiance and a homeowner’s mood. Instead of squinting in a dimly lit room in the middle of a sunny day or wishing the room had an incandescent glow right before bedtime, consider addressing a home’s lighting design before changing anything else.

Keep reading this blog to discover three things our lighting designers consider during retrofit lighting design projects—take a look!

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Ketra Uses the Power of Light to Transform Your Home

Homeowners entertaining in their home lit by Ketra lighting systems.

Enhance Your Daily Routine With Color Temperatures that Boosts Your Mood

Light does more than illuminate a space to aid with visibility. It has the power to transform how you experience your day. For example, a poorly lit home will feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming. It won’t be where you want to entertain or spend a significant amount of time. 

Ketra lighting systems were created to bring natural light to homes, offices, and other spaces around the country. Ketra lighting can revolutionize how you see and experience your home in Tribeca, NY, with tunable light. Keep reading to learn more!

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The Savant Difference

A woman with Savant control touchpad.

See How Savant Technology and Automation Can Elevate a Home

An automation system is the heart of a smart home. It integrates all of the smart devices for easy control from one dashboard. It also makes it easier to set lighting and shading scenes, automate the thermostat, and monitor home security. It’s a crucial system, and there are so many home automation platforms out there. Does it matter which one you choose for your home project in Closter, NJ?

Not all home control systems are the same, and many home automation platforms go above and beyond integrating all of your smart technology. So, you want the best, which is why you should consider a Savant home automation system. Savant’s technology and automation platform include unique features that give it an edge over other systems. Keep reading to learn a few unique features of Savant! 

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Top Reasons Homeowners Need to Invest In Motorized Shades

Modern living room featuring abstract art, large TV, and seating area in front of windows with motorized shades.

Go Beyond Fabric Selections with This Smart Home Solution 

Many homeowners - and even interior designers - consider motorized window shades to be a visual component of a New York home’s aesthetic. Of course, the various fabric colors and styles bring variety to even the most discerning homeowner’s style, but these automated window treatments can do so much more!

To discover what else motorized shades and blinds can offer your home in Tribeca or the surrounding Lower Manhattan region, keep reading below!

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Why Should I Partner with an Integrator like Cravtsman?

contemporary kitchen with dark wooden cabinets and a white countertop with LED light fixtures hanging from above

Take the Guesswork Out of Having Superior LED Light Fixture Installations

Incorporating LED light fixtures in a home is a piece of cake, right? Unfortunately, many designers and homeowners have this misconception in mind when setting out to readdress the lighting within their New Jersey homes. In reality, incorporating LED light fixtures in a home requires the expertise of a trained lighting design team like Cravtsman. 

With leading-edge technology, homeowners in the Morristown area and beyond can transform how their home looks and feels. Wondering how? Read our blog below to discover what’s possible when you work with a professional HTA Certified team like Cravtsman. Keep scrolling to read more.

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Why Should I Incorporate a Lutron System?

Contemporary kitchen and living space with a round dining table and chairs. A chandelier hangs above it.

Designers & Architects Make Clients Happier with this Smart Home Solution

More American homeowners want smart home technology integrated into their homes each year. That final project looks different for everyone, though. Some opt for the DIY route, piecing together disparate systems and devices for a somewhat convenient home upgrade. It works, but there are several apps to juggle through. Others contact the professionals.

If you’re a designer or architect, you know that meeting and surpassing your clients’ expectations is vital for the success of your business. At the beginning of any project, enlist the help of a smart home integration specialist like Cravtsman to ensure all technology systems complement your new build, remodeling project, or extensive redesign. 

Our team has the expertise to coordinate and install various devices, programming them to work in synchronicity with one another. How do we do it? Keep reading below to discover what we can do with a Lutron system!

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Ketra Lighting: The Future of Home Lighting

An elegant kitchen equipped with Ketra lighting

Integrate This Tunable Lighting Solution into Your Next Design-Build Project

How your rooms are lit directly impacts the appearance and liveability of your home. Lighting can affect how welcoming your home feels, your routine, and your overall well-being. Unfortunately, traditional lighting solutions and bulbs don’t always provide the ideal lighting design. In addition, they won’t adapt to your needs or the time of day.

Ketra was created to provide better lighting solutions that allow users to harness the benefits of natural light where they live and work. In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron. Together, they’ve created revolutionary lighting solutions that are beautiful and intuitive to control. Keep reading to learn more about Ketra lighting and how it adds light, life, and wellness to your design-build project in Upper East Side, NY.

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Complement Your Décor & Do More with Motorized Roller Shades

living room with chair, couch and coffee table in front of two windows with partially lowered motorized shades

Lutron Goes Beyond Boring Window Treatments with Smart Technology

Window treatments don’t garner much attention from most homeowners when they’re selecting their decor options or finishes. But what if we told you there was a way to add style and convenience with motorized roller shades? Your home in Closter, NJ or the surrounding areas deserves to look its best, and our lighting and shading team can ensure that happens. 

Keep scrolling below to read more about Lutron motorized shades, and discover why they’re a perfect fit for your home and your design tastes.

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3 Key Features We Love About Lutron HomeWorks

gold metallic Alisse keypad with two backlit push buttons sitting atop a flowery tablecloth

Discover How Cravtsman Can Bring Light to Any Room with a Smart Command

If you’re looking for new ways to add class or style to your New York City home, then it’s time to assess its lighting. Subtle details like color temperature and brightness can add intrigue and sophistication to any living space, but these lighting details at the wrong time or location can cause annoyances, poor sleep, and even safety concerns! Luckily, with a lighting control system powered by Lutron HomeWorks, homeowners in Tribeca and beyond can adjust the ambiance of spaces within seconds. Their home will always look great, plus they’ll feel great, too.

Cravtsman enjoys crafting customized luxury living experiences for our clients' unique homes and tastes, and we love partnering with NYC designers and architects to do so! Keep reading below to learn more about what our professional lighting control and automation team can do with a Lutron HomeWorks system.

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Going Beyond the Basic Light Switch with Lutron

Kitchen counter with faucet and sink on the left and a Meljac control keypad on the left-hand wall

Explore What’s Possible with a Smart Home Lighting System

Style isn’t always synonymous with convenience, yet when it comes to smart home technology, these words go hand-in-hand. If you’ve been looking for a way to transform the look and feel of your home in an instant, then it’s time to consider a lighting control upgrade.

With a smart home lighting system installed in your New York home, you can enjoy the combination of incredible convenience and nearly-endless style options while getting rid of the basic light switch in practically every room of the house. Keep reading below to learn more about the various options available to you when you incorporate a Lutron control system in your home on the Upper West Side.

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Enjoy Whole-Home Automation That Doesn’t Encroach on Your Decor

 motorized TV lift lowers a projection screen in front of floor-to-ceiling windows in a living room

Savant Keeps Technology from Impeding Design with Simple, Sleek Features

Technology doesn’t need to be overwhelming, as many homeowners fear it will be when first considering whole-home automation. Instead, technology should blend beautifully into the existing design of your home, never screaming for attention and only adding to the luxury of your daily lifestyle in the Chelsea, NY, region.

Keep reading below to learn how Savant home automation adds sophistication from behind the scenes with hidden AV, intuitive feature management, and more!

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Motorized Shades Do More Than Block Sunlight

large living room windows covered with sheer motorized shades with light filtering through

As an Interior Designer or Home Builder, You Can Go Beyond the Basics of Standard Window Treatments

Shades and blinds do so much more than block the sun’s rays from entering the windows. When homeowners in Morristown, NJ, use innovative and stylish smart shading, they enjoy a layer of convenience and luxury to their properties with the simple tap of a button or according to a preset schedule.

As an interior designer, home builder, or architect, it’s important to know how motorized shades can transform the look and feel of any property. Keep reading below!

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Create Beautiful Spaces With A Smart Home System

Sophisticated and ultra-modern kitchen space soft blue illumination accents natural sunlight streaming in from out of frame.

Discover How Technology Enhances Home Aesthetics And Elevates Client Lifestyles

The modern home offers many amenities that make living spaces more functional and entertaining, but it need not be at the cost of design. A smart home system creates a more personalized environment, from having the perfect level of comfort to furnishing an atmosphere that relaxes the brain and soothes the soul. 

We believe that home automation is about more than applying technology for its own sake. The integration of controls and interfaces should lift up the way people live, work, and play. Rather than displace design and decor, the right system becomes a collaborative tool, amplifying your vision and giving you new dimensions to explore. 

Are you curious about the possibilities for your clients in Soho and the greater NYC area? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Top Reasons Why Builders Should Add a Lighting Control System to Homes

Boost the aesthetics of your home construction project on the Upper East Side, NY, using a lighting control system. Learn why the Lutron Sunnata line is the best.

Boost the aesthetics of your residential project with Lutron’s stylish solutions

The home construction industry is highly competitive. So, what can you do to stand out? Add unique features to your smart home so that more buyers will want to purchase your property or work with your firm! Home lighting control is one of the most popular solutions among homeowners, but that’s not the only reason you should consider adding it. Read on to discover the top 3 reasons why a lighting control system is essential for new constructions in New York’s Upper East Side.

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Elevate the Beauty of Your Home with Lutron Keypads

Matte black, Lutron Alisse keypad mounted on a black marble wall. Two buttons that read energize and relax.

Create the perfect atmosphere with beautiful lighting and Lutron’s Elegant Alisse Keypads

Lighting plays an important role in your daily life. It is an essential part of every scene in your home, whether you want to create a festive atmosphere, a cinematic feel, or a relaxing environment to wind down in the evening. Human-centric lighting even promotes wellness. 

While smart home control is easy with a smartphone app or tablet, you can also take control with Lutron’s elegant Alisse keypads. Adjust the lights however you want with a single button press. Read on to learn the benefits of using Lutron keypads in your Tribeca, NY, home. 

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Why Work with a Lutron Dealer?


Provide top-notch lighting for your clients with a Lutron dealer

When designing a home, it isn’t just about the aesthetics. Homeowners expect the best technological features to fit perfectly within their home design. While this can be challenging at times, lighting control and motorized shades are two technology features that can be vital tools for interior designers. Beyond adding comfort and efficiency to everyday life, they help homeowners stage their rooms for any occasion and highlight their favorite architectural features and artwork.

To fully optimize the lighting and shading in your projects, we recommend working with a Lutron dealer. They’ll not only advise you on the solution that would best fit your projects in Closter, NJ, but implement them seamlessly without adding significant time or budget to your project. Read on to find out why you should work with a Lutron dealer when starting your next design project.  

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Add Value to Your Home Design Project with a Savant System


Designers and Architects! Learn Why Home Automation is a Big Pull for Homebuyers.

Most homeowners still settle for “business as usual” in their homes. That is, they manage their home’s technologies the old-fashioned way – flipping on a light switch, manually adjusting the shades, or watching a basic TV without surround sound? They’ve done it for so long that they probably don’t realize there’s a better way.

Savant is a popular smart home system that allows property owners to automate their homes in ways they never thought possible. It’s so popular because it is easy to use and adds value to homes. As a designer or architect, you have the power to give your clients what they need – a fully functional home automation system. Read on to discover how a Savant system helps you create a more functional, convenient, and luxurious residential space for your clients in Chelsea, NY.

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Why Lutron’s Radio RA3 is Perfect for Residential Projects


Improve the aesthetics of your residential projects with Lutron’s wireless lighting solution

Lutron is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to connected lighting in both commercial and residential spaces. Their Radio RA3 wireless system, in particular, is a great centralized lighting control system for residences in Soho, NY. Whether working on a retrofit or new construction, you’ll be able to add both style and functionality to the space to boost its value.

Read on to find out all the features of the Lutron Radio RA3 lighting control system.

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