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Attract Tech-Savvy Homebuyers with Savant’s Future-Focused Solutions

Tech-savvy homebuyers will be delighted with Savant automated features

Create the Blueprint for Success with a Home Automation Partner like Cravtsman

Make your home designs stand above the rest with future-focused technology features that impress even the most tech-savvy homebuyers. Savant home automation has been innovating intelligent home and power solution technology for nearly two decades and provides advanced automation systems of unmatched convenience, comfort, and control. Including Savant in your home build is a blueprint for satisfied buyers in a future-ready marketplace.

But, as technology evolves, the design and installation process for home automation solutions has become more complex. Our goal is to equip the homeowner with today’s most innovative solutions and a simplistic scale-up process ready for future product releases. Savant offers this seamless integration option, and relying on an expert team will ensure the homeowner can effortlessly remain at the forefront of future technological advances.

Continue reading to learn more about the expertise and skill Cravtsman can bring to your Savant home automation projects in Soho, NY.

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Integrating High-End Home Audio into Custom Builds

A living room with a fireplace and Meridian in-wall speakers on either side.

The Leading AV Company Partners with Builders to Create the Ultimate Home Audio Experience

At Cravtsman, we work with builders, architects, and designers, integrating smart home technology and high-end audio-video solutions for their discerning clients. We often start in the planning stages, meeting with your clients and designers and creating a plan to ensure all their goals are met before the wiring begins. 

For many clients in New York City, creating their dream home includes high-end home audio—a system that delivers high-fidelity sound without marring their home’s design. They want music and surround sound in every room and outdoor space without bulky equipment or multiple remotes. They want luxurious ease of living. 

Let’s explore the options and the latest trends in home audio.

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Elevate Your Home Designs with High-End Speakers from James Loudspeaker

A soundbar from James Loudspeaker blends seamlessly into the TV.

Custom-Made Speakers for the Ultimate Unique Audio Experience

Catch the eye of prospective buyers when you install custom-made architectural speakers from James Loudspeaker. With products ranging from in-wall to in-ceiling speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers, James Loudspeaker delivers high-fidelity audio experiences throughout homes with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Continue reading to learn what makes James Loudspeaker a top brand in high-end speakers and why prospective buyers on the Upper West Side, NY, would be spellbound to experience them.

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Experience the Value of Coastal Source!

A Coastal Source Modulus Bullet speaker installed by a small rock.

Coastal Source Outdoor Audio Systems: Enhance Your Smart Backyard with High-Quality Audio

As a design or construction professional in Tribeca, NY, you know what it takes to stand out. For example, prospective buyers always look for fully integrated smart terraces or rooftop gardens that provide stunning aesthetics and high-quality audio experiences. This is where Coastal Source’s outdoor audio systems come into play… pun intended! As the leading brand in outdoor audio and lighting, their products are designed to impress, blend into your terrace, and turn heads with unparalleled outdoor audio quality. 

In this article, we explore different types of Coastal Source speakers, how they add value to your projects, and why Cravtsman should be your choice for a technology integrator and installer to partner with.

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Introducing Bowers & Wilkins: Premium Distributed Audio

Bowers & Wilkins distributed audio speakers.

Fill Your New Build With Performance-Quality Audio

When building and designing a luxury home, it’s essential to choose all the components carefully. Especially when installing smart home technology, you need to ensure you provide technologies and systems to create a luxury lifestyle for your client or a potential buyer.

Distributed audio systems are a great way to raise the value of your clients’ homes by providing music throughout their properties. Many audio companies create hidden and discreet speakers, but they’re not all the same. Bowers & Wilkins is a leading audio brand with high-quality products that will elevate every home. Keep reading to learn more about the brand and how it can enhance your new build in Closter, NJ.

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Check Out Barco's Home Theater Projectors!

A home theater featuring The Avengers on screen.


As a design or construction professional working in Chelsea, NY, we don’t need to tell you just how competitive the local market has become. Standing out from the crowd is harder than ever. Providing your clients with top-quality services remains your top priority, but any extra edge will be welcome when it’s time to close a deal. At Cravtsman, we can help!

Home entertainment is a top priority for many prospective buyers when shopping for a new smart home. That means every detail must be just right. The speakers should sound like a million dollars, the lights and shades roll down with a tap, and the seats feel just the way the client likes them. And who could forget about home theater projectors, the heart and soul of at-home entertainment? 

This article will explore Barco’s home theater projectors, why they are the industry standard in quality, and the value their products can bring to your projects.

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Smart Lights Lead to Smarter, More Valuable Homes

A condo kitchen featuring Lutron smart lights and motorized shades.

Smart Home Lighting Solutions Add Value, Convenience & Beauty to All Your Projects

Architects, designers, and builders working in the Upper West Side, NY, know just how competitive their local markets have become over the past few decades. It is no longer enough to offer great designs and customer service. Any extra edge is always welcome!

At Cravtsman, we can help. Our team of technology integrators works closely with design professionals to integrate technology solutions that add value, convenience, and beauty to all their projects. Best of all, with a reputation for professionalism, responsiveness, and timeliness, we know exactly what it takes to succeed in New York!

In this article, we will explore how smart home lighting solutions will give you that extra edge and keep prospective buyers flocking to your doors!

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Your Client Wants a Professional Home Theater

red and gold themed home theater with red luxury seating and twinkling star ceiling panels

Designed from the Ground Up, These Entertainment Spots Shine

So much more goes into the home theater design process than mounting a big-screen TV and adding surround sound. Unfortunately, many new construction builders try to offer their clients this setup as a “luxury home theater package,” and that simply will not serve them well.

Instead of setting your clients up for a sub-par entertainment experience, you need to enlist the help of a professional to create a truly immersive media hub in Closter, NJ, homes. Want to find out how the Cravtsman team can do just that? Keep reading to discover our process for designing luxury entertainment spaces.

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Enhance Your Projects with Ketra Lighting Design

A brightly lit kitchen with Ketra’s pendant, recessed, and undercabinet lighting.

Elevate Your Clients’ Lives with Brilliant Illumination that Changes with One Touch

As architects, designers, and builders know, lighting transforms their projects. It highlights or distracts from every element it touches, sets the mood, and creates the space to accomplish life’s daily tasks. When Lutron acquired Ketra in 2018, it transformed what was possible. 

Now, using Ketra’s advanced revolutionary LED lighting and Lutron’s elegant controls, those on the design-build team create breathtaking, healthier spaces that let homeowners set the mood with one touch. Let’s explore what’s possible with Ketra lighting design and how it’s transforming homes in Chelsea, NY. 

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Need an Upper Hand on Projects? Hi-FiAudio Sells!

A condo featuring a Meridian floorstanding loudspeaker in the corner. 

The Added Value that HiFi Audio Speakers Bring to Your Design and Architectural Projects 

There is an audiophile in all of us, and nothing adds value to a property quite like a set of brand new HiFi audio speakers. If you are a designer, architect, or builder looking for an extra edge in the Upper East Side, NY, we can help you stand out in an increasingly crowded field. 

At Cravtsman, we partner with the top industry brands in audio, video, and home automation to bring our clients across New York the best and latest high-end speakers. Best of all, by working directly with architects and designers, we can turn your design vision into a reality!

In this article, we will explore HiFi audio devices, highlight Meridian Audio, and conclude with a brief overview of their top-shelf family of products.  

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For High Design, How About HiFi Speakers?

A living room featuring Architettura Sonora’s speakers. 

Check Out the Latest HiFi Speakers from Architettura Sonora and What They Bring to Your Design Projects

If you are an architect or designer working anywhere in New York, you know competition can be fierce and unforgiving. However, you also understand what it takes to make it to the top! Clients have come to expect nothing but the best from you, and you know that luxury items like HiFi speakers can help close a deal. That’s why it is critical to partner up with professionals that measure up to your standards. 

At Cravtsman, we are proud to be among the leading technology integrators in town, working with design professionals to bring their clients the best in home automation and AV systems. Whether a client already owns a set of speakers or wants us to pick the best one, we will install and integrate every product for an optimal performance. 

Read on to learn more about HiFi speakers and the added value they will bring to any smart home!

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What Architectural Lighting Fixtures Can Bring to Your Builds and Clients

A luxury home with architectural lighting fixtures from Ketra.

Provide Your Clients Luxury Lighting with a Ketra Lighting System

As a builder or designer, you want to leave every client with a luxury home. But luxury doesn’t just come from the physical design of the house; it also comes from the lifestyle it provides. One essential part of any construction is the lighting. The right lighting can enhance the beauty of the home you’re building and offer your customers a truly luxurious lifestyle.

For premium lighting in your build, you ought to consider installing architectural lighting fixtures and a smart lighting control system like Ketra. These fixtures and systems can elevate the beauty of a home and give your client more control. Keep reading to see why these are an excellent choice for your builds in Upper East Side, NY.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Energy Management With Savant Energy

 A Savant Energy smart panel installed in a luxury home.

Know Where Your Energy Comes From and Where It Goes

Many households use as much energy as they need without having a second thought about it. Then when the utility bill comes, they might be blown away by the number on the bottom line. Homeowners may want to cut down on their energy usage, but it’s hard to gauge without daily monitoring. 

That’s where Savant Power comes in. Savant has created a way to make a home’s electrical system smart, providing key insights to homeowners about how much energy they use, where it goes, and how much it costs. By installing it in your new build, you can help homeowners stay aware of their energy consumption. Keep reading to learn more about Savant energy and how it could benefit the future owners of your Tribeca, NY, project. 

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Upgrade the Look & Feel of a Space with Retrofit Lighting Design

an open-concept dining room and living area with hanging pendant and ceiling lighting fixtures.

Three Considerations Our Team Makes During Lighting Projects

Imagine combining an artist’s paintbrush, an architect’s eye, a designer’s intuition, and an engineer’s brain, then adding a remodeling project idea—you’ve got yourself a retrofit lighting design project.

Lighting can make or break a home’s ambiance and a homeowner’s mood. Instead of squinting in a dimly lit room in the middle of a sunny day or wishing the room had an incandescent glow right before bedtime, consider addressing a home’s lighting design before changing anything else.

Keep reading this blog to discover three things our lighting designers consider during retrofit lighting design projects—take a look!

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Ketra Uses the Power of Light to Transform Your Home

Homeowners entertaining in their home lit by Ketra lighting systems.

Enhance Your Daily Routine With Color Temperatures that Boosts Your Mood

Light does more than illuminate a space to aid with visibility. It has the power to transform how you experience your day. For example, a poorly lit home will feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming. It won’t be where you want to entertain or spend a significant amount of time. 

Ketra lighting systems were created to bring natural light to homes, offices, and other spaces around the country. Ketra lighting can revolutionize how you see and experience your home in Tribeca, NY, with tunable light. Keep reading to learn more!

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The Savant Difference

A woman with Savant control touchpad.

See How Savant Technology and Automation Can Elevate a Home

An automation system is the heart of a smart home. It integrates all of the smart devices for easy control from one dashboard. It also makes it easier to set lighting and shading scenes, automate the thermostat, and monitor home security. It’s a crucial system, and there are so many home automation platforms out there. Does it matter which one you choose for your home project in Closter, NJ?

Not all home control systems are the same, and many home automation platforms go above and beyond integrating all of your smart technology. So, you want the best, which is why you should consider a Savant home automation system. Savant’s technology and automation platform include unique features that give it an edge over other systems. Keep reading to learn a few unique features of Savant! 

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Top Reasons Homeowners Need to Invest In Motorized Shades

Modern living room featuring abstract art, large TV, and seating area in front of windows with motorized shades.

Go Beyond Fabric Selections with This Smart Home Solution 

Many homeowners - and even interior designers - consider motorized window shades to be a visual component of a New York home’s aesthetic. Of course, the various fabric colors and styles bring variety to even the most discerning homeowner’s style, but these automated window treatments can do so much more!

To discover what else motorized shades and blinds can offer your home in Tribeca or the surrounding Lower Manhattan region, keep reading below!

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Why Should I Partner with an Integrator like Cravtsman?

contemporary kitchen with dark wooden cabinets and a white countertop with LED light fixtures hanging from above

Take the Guesswork Out of Having Superior LED Light Fixture Installations

Incorporating LED light fixtures in a home is a piece of cake, right? Unfortunately, many designers and homeowners have this misconception in mind when setting out to readdress the lighting within their New Jersey homes. In reality, incorporating LED light fixtures in a home requires the expertise of a trained lighting design team like Cravtsman. 

With leading-edge technology, homeowners in the Morristown area and beyond can transform how their home looks and feels. Wondering how? Read our blog below to discover what’s possible when you work with a professional HTA Certified team like Cravtsman. Keep scrolling to read more.

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Why Should I Incorporate a Lutron System?

Contemporary kitchen and living space with a round dining table and chairs. A chandelier hangs above it.

Designers & Architects Make Clients Happier with this Smart Home Solution

More American homeowners want smart home technology integrated into their homes each year. That final project looks different for everyone, though. Some opt for the DIY route, piecing together disparate systems and devices for a somewhat convenient home upgrade. It works, but there are several apps to juggle through. Others contact the professionals.

If you’re a designer or architect, you know that meeting and surpassing your clients’ expectations is vital for the success of your business. At the beginning of any project, enlist the help of a smart home integration specialist like Cravtsman to ensure all technology systems complement your new build, remodeling project, or extensive redesign. 

Our team has the expertise to coordinate and install various devices, programming them to work in synchronicity with one another. How do we do it? Keep reading below to discover what we can do with a Lutron system!

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Ketra Lighting: The Future of Home Lighting

An elegant kitchen equipped with Ketra lighting

Integrate This Tunable Lighting Solution into Your Next Design-Build Project

How your rooms are lit directly impacts the appearance and liveability of your home. Lighting can affect how welcoming your home feels, your routine, and your overall well-being. Unfortunately, traditional lighting solutions and bulbs don’t always provide the ideal lighting design. In addition, they won’t adapt to your needs or the time of day.

Ketra was created to provide better lighting solutions that allow users to harness the benefits of natural light where they live and work. In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron. Together, they’ve created revolutionary lighting solutions that are beautiful and intuitive to control. Keep reading to learn more about Ketra lighting and how it adds light, life, and wellness to your design-build project in Upper East Side, NY.

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