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Get Better Sleep With Circadian Lighting


Tunable Lighting Mimics Sunlight to Help Regulate Your Internal Clock

Getting enough sleep is that elusive aspect of our health that should be easy to maintain, yet we never seem able to do it. Whether we are busy until the wee hours of the night, have ridiculously early mornings, or go down a Netflix binging spiral, we all tend to shed a few hours off what the experts say we should be getting.

Part of that is due to our bodies’ response to sunlight, and with most of us spending our days and nights tucked away inside, we are getting far less of those healthy rays than we should. But now we can recreate those rays inside our Morristown homes with circadian lighting to get back on track and get in all those recommended hours of shut-eye.

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What are Circadian Rhythms and Why Do They Matter?

Circadian rhythms are related to our bodies' response to Earth's rotation. In short, it’s your internal clock. To get the healthy sort of restorative sleep that your body needs, it needs to know when to shut down each night. Historically humans spent much of our time outside, making it easy for our bodies to discern when to call it a day. But unfortunately, most of our lives now are indoors under artificial lighting, making it difficult for our internal clocks to discern what time it is. In comes circadian lighting, designed to imitate the light we get from the sun.

Integrating Daylighting and Circadian Lighting to Optimize Your Home

The benefits of natural light are clear, and with sophisticated lighting controls and motorized blinds, you can create a well-daylit home. But what happens when you can’t reach all those spaces that you need to?

This is where circadian lighting can take off the slack. Tunable lights can adjust their color temperature to deliver energizing blue light in the morning and warmer orange hues at night. These lights let you supplement sunlight in your home to keep you and your family healthy when going outside isn’t an option.

Improve the quality of your sleep health with circadian lighting. Find out more from one of our certified Lutron experts by calling us at 210-620-2929 or filling out our contact page.

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