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Lutron Lighting Systems Give You A More Beautiful, Sophisticated Home


See the difference that a technologically innovated lighting system can make in your Closter, New Jersey home.

What difference can the right lighting make in your house? Light is essential for more than just being able to see (although that is important). There are many creative purposes for lighting, from creating a certain ambiance for an event to highlighting certain decor. The right lighting system can also help your body adjust its circadian rhythms, which can help you to sleep better—and who doesn’t want that?

Read on to learn more about how the right lighting control from Lutron lighting system can completely change your Closter, New Jersey home. By combining Lutron’s innovative solutions into your existing Savant home automation system, Cravtsman’s technology experts can help make your home even more of a sanctuary.

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Lighting Effects For The 21st Century

Not all lighting systems are the same. Sure, you can get lighting with a dimming feature from almost anywhere, but how many systems come with warm and cool dimming? Lutron does just that, and more. See the difference that gold-toned or cool, blue-toned hues can make to your sunrise breakfast or evening dinner. Adjust the lighting even further with energy-efficient LED bulbs to complement your furniture, your color scheme, and other home decor. Easily control and change the mood of the room with a touch of a button on your smartphone or voice command. The lighting system you grew up with can’t compete with that.

Energy Efficiency For The Environment And Your Wallet

We mentioned that LED bulbs are energy efficient, but what does that mean? Compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, which are popular options in residential lighting, Lutron fixtures burn longer with less intensity. But less intensity doesn’t mean less quality! This means that they require less energy in order to function, which means you get to save some money on your utility bills. As an added bonus, LED bulbs are an environmentally-friendly option because they last longer and need to be changed less frequently. You can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Integrate Lutron Into Your Home Automation

Cravtsman is proud to partner with Savant home automation. Integrate the lighting system with Savant to enjoy all Lutron features from the same platform you use to manage music, climate, security and more.

Create scenes according to your mood or activity. When it’s time to get up in the morning, for example, a “Wake Up” scene can open the shades, up the thermostat and start playing your favorite podcast.

With both companies working together, your options are limitless. Enjoy the benefits of both when you choose Cravtsman to install your smart lighting system.

Enhance Your Lighting System Today

Lutron lighting systems are the sophisticated touch your home needs! Contact Cravtsman today and learn how easy it is to adjust your lighting to complement natural daytime light, so every area in your home is well-lit and beautiful.

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