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Add Value to Your Home Design Project with a Savant System


Designers and Architects! Learn Why Home Automation is a Big Pull for Homebuyers.

Most homeowners still settle for “business as usual” in their homes. That is, they manage their home’s technologies the old-fashioned way – flipping on a light switch, manually adjusting the shades, or watching a basic TV without surround sound? They’ve done it for so long that they probably don’t realize there’s a better way.

Savant is a popular smart home system that allows property owners to automate their homes in ways they never thought possible. It’s so popular because it is easy to use and adds value to homes. As a designer or architect, you have the power to give your clients what they need – a fully functional home automation system. Read on to discover how a Savant system helps you create a more functional, convenient, and luxurious residential space for your clients in Chelsea, NY.

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Here’s a Bright Idea!

A Savant system integrates beautifully with smart lighting control. Today’s intuitive and artfully designed lighting systems allow you to showcase the architectural highlights and create a space that homeowners love. The lighting system illuminates the best features of a home, making the property stand out from others on the market.

It also adds an element of luxury to the space, allowing homeowners to have complete and seamless control over the lights. Instead of searching for the right switch or dimmer on the walls, the lighting system can be controlled using a smartphone through the Savant Pro app or via a Savant touchpad.

A Home Entertainment Haven

Don’t stop with lights! Savant is a complete smart home system that lets you add as many automated features as you want. When it comes to entertainment, nothing is more enjoyable than the home theater. At Cravtsman, we are experts at designing entertainment spaces that amaze and integrate effortlessly with a Savant system.

So, if you want to add a home theater to your design – which we highly recommend because homeowners want entertainment spaces in their homes – then doing so would be a straightforward process. Cravtsman will work with you and your design plans to craft a space that is the perfect marriage between seamless function and outstanding form.

We also install audio-video distribution systems that are perfect for luxury smart homes and large estates. The high-end audio combined with lossless video creates a cinematic experience at home.

User-Friendly Interface

Above all else, the main reason why Savant home automation is so popular is due to its user-friendly interface. Whether it is the motorized window treatments or lighting systems, or even the thermostat, it gives property owners complete control of everything from one central hub.

Using the Savant app, compatible with Android and iOS, a user can easily control their entire smart home from one platform. Whether at home or away from home, every technology can be accessed and controlled with a few taps on a smartphone. Savant offers a newer and better way for homeowners to live!

Stand out from the other designers and architects in your area, and start offering home automation in your design plans. Cravtsman is a certified Savant dealer in Chelsea, NY, that can help you integrate the Savant system into your next project. Get started today by calling us at (201) 620-2929. You can also fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.

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