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How A Savant System Can Transform Your Home


See How Savant System’s Easy-To-Use Platform Delivers Technology Attuned to Your Needs and Preferences.

Technology is so integral to our lives that there are apps out there for almost everything. But nothing brings your home technology together quite like a Savant System. As a certified Savant dealer, Cravtsman understands how to make this smart system work to add the most convenience and luxury to your lifestyle in Alpine NJ. 

In particular, we want to talk about one aspect of Savant that has always made them stand out from the competition—their commitment to a seamless user experience. 

Read on to learn more about how smart home automation from Savant creates a perfect ecosystem of control, sensors, and technology for luxurious living. 

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Savant Makes All the Difference

The creators of Savant Systems had one central goal: to give homeowners ultimate control and convenience over their smart devices. This was made easy with a user-friendly platform you can download onto your smartphone or tablet, so you are likely already familiar with these interfaces. In fact, Savant was the first home automation platform to have an app for iOS. 

From window shades to climate control to home entertainment, all your devices are easy to manage with a touch of a button on an easy-to-use interface. For example, take a picture of a room and as you adjust lights, you’ll be able to see how it’ll affect your décor directly on your app. 

Technology That’s Attuned to Your Needs

Technology wouldn’t be truly smart if it couldn’t be customized for the unique needs of the person using it. Create personalized scenes that manage lights, shades, AV, and more simultaneously, letting you immediately pull up your favorite settings for watching movies, doing homework, or relaxing after work. 

Savant Systems lets you create individualized users for each family member, allowing them to prominently show their favorite scenes and features on their home screen. Through beautiful graphical interfaces featuring photos of your luxury home, it’s easy to access all your technology. 

From automatically adjusting lights or shades, to locking your doors at night, your Savant System lets you choose how you control it. Do you prefer universal remotes for the home theater and elegant on-wall keypads for the kitchen? Savant Systems creates a user experience tailored with your needs and preferences in mind. 

Upgrade Your Home With A Savant System

Savant Systems can add luxury and convenience to your home. Are you ready to experience the difference? While other home technologies have limited settings, Savant Systems lets you truly personalize your home technology. Contact Cravtsman today to schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to work with you. 

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