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Home Automation: Reasons to Select Savant Home Automation


Savant Home Automation Offers Some of The Best Features to Enrich Your Lifestyle

If you are thinking about getting a home automation system for your Soho, NY house, you have a range of options to choose from. It can certainly be overwhelming to pick the right one, but Cravtsman is here to help you make the ideal choice.

We work with some of the best home automation brands in the market and can't recommend Savant home automation systems enough. This innovative system can provide you with a wide variety of features that can make it convenient to manage all your technology from one place.

Let's have a look at what makes Savant home automation one of the best smart home systems to transform your home in Soho, NY.

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Easy User Interface (UI)

The UI is one of the most significant features of smart home automation systems. This is where you control all of the devices, which is why it is important that the UI is user-friendly and offers maximum functionality. Savant home automation system has a sophisticated UI that uses visuals to highlight different areas in your home as well as distinct technology features, giving your easier control from dedicated touchpads or mobile apps.

Lighting Controls

Savant offers easy-to-use lighting controls that allow you to control light settings in one room or the entire house from that intuitive UI. You can adjust the intensity of the lights, turn them on and off or adjust their color temperature. Color temperature is vital in your well-being and aesthetics, as it lets you embrace a wide range of white hues from cold fluorescent to a warm glow at night.

Advanced Security

One of the most advanced and essential features offered by home automation systems is security. This feature allows you to remotely lock doors, review security footage and activate your alarm. Meanwhile, “Away” scenes turn lights on and off at random intervals to mimic occupancy to deter intruders. All these features ensure your home is safe whether you’re there or across the globe.

Regulation of Temperature

Savant home automation systems also include temperature control so that you can make your home as comfortable as possible. You can set schedules and timers so that your house automatically adjusts to your preferred settings on different days, times, and occasions. You can even switch on heating and cooling remotely.

Music Control

Another exciting feature of the Savant home automation system is that it allows you to stream music throughout the house with just a few taps. It includes built-in streaming services like Deezer, Pandora, and Spotify. The whole family can easily enjoy their favorite music whenever they want by broadcasting these services to in-ceiling speakers installed throughout the house.

Cravtsman offers personalized home automation solutions to give you the best automation experience.. Get in touch with us for initial home automation consultation by filling out our contact form, giving us a call, or chatting with us below.

How A Savant System Can Transform Your Home
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