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Why Should I Incorporate a Lutron System?

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Designers & Architects Make Clients Happier with this Smart Home Solution

More American homeowners want smart home technology integrated into their homes each year. That final project looks different for everyone, though. Some opt for the DIY route, piecing together disparate systems and devices for a somewhat convenient home upgrade. It works, but there are several apps to juggle through. Others contact the professionals.

If you’re a designer or architect, you know that meeting and surpassing your clients’ expectations is vital for the success of your business. At the beginning of any project, enlist the help of a smart home integration specialist like Cravtsman to ensure all technology systems complement your new build, remodeling project, or extensive redesign. 

Our team has the expertise to coordinate and install various devices, programming them to work in synchronicity with one another. How do we do it? Keep reading below to discover what we can do with a Lutron system!

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Meet Lutron

Since the middle of the 20th century, Lutron has been at the leading edge of the lighting industry starting with the introduction of the solid-state dimmer. Later, systems of connected Lutron dimmers and, even later still, motorized shades became commonplace in many homes seeking to more conveniently control the amount of natural and artificial light in their home. A Lutron system brings together many disparate devices under the control of one intuitive yet sophisticated control interface. 

Energy Savings

Owning a home isn’t an inexpensive endeavor, so many homeowners look for ways to reduce their expenditures wherever possible. Lighting accounts for nearly 20% of the average electric bill, so incorporating energy-saving LED bulbs, dimmers, and timers lets homeowners reduce their consumption. Lights and shades are easily operated on a preset schedule automatically or at the tap of a button on a smartphone or on-wall keypad

A Scalable Lighting Solution

Some homeowners find the idea of adding a robust Lutron system to their entire home daunting. There’s no need to forgo a Lutron system simply because you want to avoid the expense, project time, or simply don’t need it throughout an estate. 

Lutron installations in a single room or just a few areas of a home are possible, thanks to solutions like Caséta Wireless and RadioRA3. This smaller application size nearly always guarantees a shorter project timeline as well. Larger homes, projects with a long list of devices, or a whole-home Lutron integration would do better with a HomeWorks system by Lutron. Lutron is a flexible platform, and our lighting control team will help you determine the best fit for your property and your family’s technology needs.

Contact Our Team

Cravtsman is your Lutron system specialist serving Chelsea and the surrounding areas. If you’re ready to explore what’s possible for your next project, connect with our team here to get started!

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