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Attract Tech-Savvy Homebuyers with Savant’s Future-Focused Solutions

Tech-savvy homebuyers will be delighted with Savant automated features

Create the Blueprint for Success with a Home Automation Partner like Cravtsman

Make your home designs stand above the rest with future-focused technology features that impress even the most tech-savvy homebuyers. Savant home automation has been innovating intelligent home and power solution technology for nearly two decades and provides advanced automation systems of unmatched convenience, comfort, and control. Including Savant in your home build is a blueprint for satisfied buyers in a future-ready marketplace.

But, as technology evolves, the design and installation process for home automation solutions has become more complex. Our goal is to equip the homeowner with today’s most innovative solutions and a simplistic scale-up process ready for future product releases. Savant offers this seamless integration option, and relying on an expert team will ensure the homeowner can effortlessly remain at the forefront of future technological advances.

Continue reading to learn more about the expertise and skill Cravtsman can bring to your Savant home automation projects in Soho, NY.

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Enjoy Whole-Home Automation That Doesn’t Encroach on Your Decor

 motorized TV lift lowers a projection screen in front of floor-to-ceiling windows in a living room

Savant Keeps Technology from Impeding Design with Simple, Sleek Features

Technology doesn’t need to be overwhelming, as many homeowners fear it will be when first considering whole-home automation. Instead, technology should blend beautifully into the existing design of your home, never screaming for attention and only adding to the luxury of your daily lifestyle in the Chelsea, NY, region.

Keep reading below to learn how Savant home automation adds sophistication from behind the scenes with hidden AV, intuitive feature management, and more!

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Bring Your Home to Life With a Premier Audio-Video System


Enjoy High-Quality Audio and Video in Every Room of Your Home

A whole-home audio and video system enables you and your family to access your favorite movies, music, and other digital media from streaming internet services, cable, satellite, and other content providers. Listen to your favorite playlist from Spotify, Tidal, or Pandora, or binge-watch your latest Netflix program from any room in your home.

You can even enjoy the audiobook you’ve been meaning to listen to while gardening in the backyard or fill the home with music that inspires. The possibilities of a whole-home AV system are only limited by one’s imagination and the AV company you choose to work with.

Are you ready to see what’s possible for your Tribeca, NY, home? Read on to learn how the combination of home automation and a comprehensive AV system can transform your entertainment experience.

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What Is It Like to Live in a Savant Smart Home?


Smart Home Automation Brings Ease and Enjoyment to Living

Savant has long been regarded as the smart home system for luxury homes, large estates, and yachts. Now, their quality of craftsmanship is available to everyone. Once you experience a Savant home in Closter, NJ, nothing will compare. Let’s look at what living in a Savant automated home means.

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Make Your Smart Home Dreams Come True with a Savant System


Install a Home Automation System that Enhances Your Lifestyle

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, with a wide range of smart products that are intended to provide convenience. And while many over-the-counter smart devices are available, it takes a professional solution to bring them all together. As a Savant dealer, we know what it takes to meet your lifestyle demands.

A smart home automation system creates an ecosystem of devices, controllers, and sensors that work together to make managing your home a breeze. From heating and cooling to tunable lighting, distributed media, and more, all your technology lives within one seamless experience.

Are you intrigued by Savant's personalized luxury and how it improves your New York City, NY home? We showcase some of the main reasons it’s our go-to smart home solutions.

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3 Three Reasons You Need Video Tiling For Your Smart Home


Boost Your Entertainment and Security With Savant’s Video Distribution

The beginning of the year is a great time to make changes. We get to start fresh and reflect on the last year, taking note of the things we did right and the things we’d like to do better. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds or travel more. Perhaps you want to have closer relationships or save more for retirement.

We can all think of a few things we’d like to change this year, and while we are listing them, we should also consider making changes we want to make to our home automation systems. One way you can upgrade your Morristown, NJ home this year to improve your safety and entertainment is by boosting your video distribution with Savant’s video tilling.  

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The new year brings the hope for new things to come, taking control, and the prospect of brighter paths forward. This year you can improve your home’s health and happiness by incorporating whole-home automation into your daily life.

A smart home furnishes the benefits to your well-being and the luxury of enhancing your lifestyle. Bring more vitality into your life with transformative lighting and controls that simulate the senses while assuring you are safe and comfortable.

Are you interested in whole-home automation for your New York City house? Read more of our 2021 high technology preview.

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