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Enjoy Whole-Home Automation That Doesn’t Encroach on Your Decor

 motorized TV lift lowers a projection screen in front of floor-to-ceiling windows in a living room

Savant Keeps Technology from Impeding Design with Simple, Sleek Features

Technology doesn’t need to be overwhelming, as many homeowners fear it will be when first considering whole-home automation. Instead, technology should blend beautifully into the existing design of your home, never screaming for attention and only adding to the luxury of your daily lifestyle in the Chelsea, NY, region.

Keep reading below to learn how Savant home automation adds sophistication from behind the scenes with hidden AV, intuitive feature management, and more!

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Improve Wellness and Happiness in the Home With Circadian Rhythm Lighting


Discover how tunable lighting elevates the way people live, work and sleep

Light is a transformative medium; in the blink of any eye, it sets a mood, creates ambiance, and influences the perceptions of the individual who experiences it. When designing living spaces, the time, duration, color, and intensity of illumination are critical factors for comfort, creativity, and productivity. 

Natural light has the most significant impact, the sun’s daily cycle influences our evolutionary development and social constructs. While many of the converted Tribeca, NY buildings have large windows, the congestion of towers further downtown and standard electric fixtures can work against incorporating the benefits of daylight. Adding circadian rhythm lighting adds beauty and benefits to any residence. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your clients? Then continue reading below to find out more.

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Discover How Smart Lighting and Shading Solutions Complement Your Creativity 

The right design changes a house into a home that expresses the personalities and lifestyle of the owners. And as smart home technology has grown exponentially in recent years, it’s gone from a thorn in interior designers’ sides to a valuable tool.

While in the past interfaces and components often clashed with a chosen aesthetic, today solutions like Lutron lighting and shading offer automation features that complement the design and furnish designers with tools to expand any design palette.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Alpine, NJ clientele? Read below to learn more!

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Enjoy Complete Outdoor Entertaining with Superior Audio


Make Your Yard More Entertaining with Speakers Designed To Fill Open Spaces. 

The season of barbeques, lazy days by the pool, and enjoying your property to its fullest is upon us! Entertaining outside is one of the special privileges of homeownership. Your yard is where family milestones are celebrated, the gang gathers to watch the big game, and friends come to reconnect.

No matter what you are doing, spending time free of your home’s confines makes the food taste better, the drinks more refreshing, and the music more poignant. Whether you listen to the radio, play songs from your curated collection, or stream HD tunes, an outdoor sound system gets you moving.

Are you looking to make more of your Closter, NJ backyard this summer? Read more to find out how.

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Make Your Smart Home Dreams Come True with a Savant System


Install a Home Automation System that Enhances Your Lifestyle

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, with a wide range of smart products that are intended to provide convenience. And while many over-the-counter smart devices are available, it takes a professional solution to bring them all together. As a Savant dealer, we know what it takes to meet your lifestyle demands.

A smart home automation system creates an ecosystem of devices, controllers, and sensors that work together to make managing your home a breeze. From heating and cooling to tunable lighting, distributed media, and more, all your technology lives within one seamless experience.

Are you intrigued by Savant's personalized luxury and how it improves your New York City, NY home? We showcase some of the main reasons it’s our go-to smart home solutions.

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The new year brings the hope for new things to come, taking control, and the prospect of brighter paths forward. This year you can improve your home’s health and happiness by incorporating whole-home automation into your daily life.

A smart home furnishes the benefits to your well-being and the luxury of enhancing your lifestyle. Bring more vitality into your life with transformative lighting and controls that simulate the senses while assuring you are safe and comfortable.

Are you interested in whole-home automation for your New York City house? Read more of our 2021 high technology preview.

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