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Using Architectural Lighting Controls to Elevate a Design Space


Custom Keypad Designs From Lutron, Meljac, and Basalte Enhance the Overall Design

Interior designers and architects know that lighting is as important to a building’s beauty and aesthetics as the brick and mortar, the solid forms that shape and define. As Edward P. Bartholomew, architect professor, said, "Light should not interpret architecture; it must transform it! Light should not enhance space and form; it should empower it!"

Because of brands like Lutron, the power of light is transforming homes. But lighting is more than tone and intensity and even ease of use. Of course, Lutron, as a leader in lighting product design, understands that the fixtures that line a home’s walls are a critical component in the overall design. 

That’s where custom keypads from Lutron, Meljac, and Basalte help define designers’ and architects’ attention to detail. As a Lutron dealer in Oyster Bay, NY, we work with countless professionals in the industry who turn to Cravtsman to integrate and program these lighting controls. You have enough on your plate; As technology professionals, let us help you enhance your space and elevate the overall design. 

Let’s take a look at why architects and designers turn to these unique custom keypads that deliver beauty and inviting, intuitive control.

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Get Better Sleep With Circadian Lighting


Tunable Lighting Mimics Sunlight to Help Regulate Your Internal Clock

Getting enough sleep is that elusive aspect of our health that should be easy to maintain, yet we never seem able to do it. Whether we are busy until the wee hours of the night, have ridiculously early mornings, or go down a Netflix binging spiral, we all tend to shed a few hours off what the experts say we should be getting.

Part of that is due to our bodies’ response to sunlight, and with most of us spending our days and nights tucked away inside, we are getting far less of those healthy rays than we should. But now we can recreate those rays inside our Morristown homes with circadian lighting to get back on track and get in all those recommended hours of shut-eye.

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