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2 Desirable Features of Smart Motorized Shades


Learn Why Smart Window Treatments Are Perfect for Any Room in Your Home

Create a space that is smart and stunning. Motorized window treatments not only add appeal to your home, but they offer complete light control, especially when integrated with your Lutron lighting system. While store-bought, ordinary shades serve a purpose, they are no match for smart motorized shades – where high tech meets high class.

If your apartment or home in New York City needs new shades, don’t settle for everyday options. Upgrade your expectations by considering motorized window treatments. Keep reading to see the two primary benefits of having smart shades in your home.

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Benefit #1: Add More Ambiance to Your Rooms

Tangled cords, dusty blinds, and uncooperative slats. Do traditional window treatments really add beauty to your rooms? Unless they are high-end shades, they’ll only offer a marginal uptick in your room’s ambiance. Even then, most manufacturers of mass-produced window shades focus more on quantity rather than quality. The shades could look appealing at first, but they may become an eyesore or not function properly over time.

However, motorized shades from manufacturers like Lutron are built with quality in mind. They are available in countless fabric and color options, so you’ll never have a problem locating one that matches your room’s décor. The elegance and design of these motorized shades do wonders to elevate the appearance of your living areas.

In addition to complementing your design preferences, motorized shades also serve a practical purpose. Do you need them for light-filtering, blackout, decoration, or UV protection? Whether you want blackout shades for a home theater, sheer shades for a living area, or solar shades for your porch, you’ll find a shade for every purpose.

Benefit #2: Enjoy Seamless Shade Control and Automation

Like the other technologies in your smart home, motorized shades can be controlled with an on-wall keypad, tablet, or app on your smartphone. You may even want to go touch-free! Some models respond to voice command. Isn’t that better than messing with cords and wands? Imagine pushing one button to turn on your smart lights and raise your motorized shades in the morning. Then, in the evening, you can lower all of them in your home as the sunsets.

Still, it gets better! They also operate automatically by light and temperature sensors or pre-programmed settings. As the noonday sun heats up your home, the shades sense it and lower by themselves. Perhaps you want your living room shades to open and close at particular times. It’s easy to set them, and then they’ll do all the work for you. Smooth-operation, smart control, and sleek designs. Nothing is better than motorized shades when you want smart window treatments for your home.

Find out how to get motorized window shades in your home. Call Cravtsman at (201) 620-2929 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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