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What Architectural Lighting Fixtures Can Bring to Your Builds and Clients

A luxury home with architectural lighting fixtures from Ketra.

Provide Your Clients Luxury Lighting with a Ketra Lighting System

As a builder or designer, you want to leave every client with a luxury home. But luxury doesn’t just come from the physical design of the house; it also comes from the lifestyle it provides. One essential part of any construction is the lighting. The right lighting can enhance the beauty of the home you’re building and offer your customers a truly luxurious lifestyle.

For premium lighting in your build, you ought to consider installing architectural lighting fixtures and a smart lighting control system like Ketra. These fixtures and systems can elevate the beauty of a home and give your client more control. Keep reading to see why these are an excellent choice for your builds in Upper East Side, NY.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Energy Management With Savant Energy

 A Savant Energy smart panel installed in a luxury home.

Know Where Your Energy Comes From and Where It Goes

Many households use as much energy as they need without having a second thought about it. Then when the utility bill comes, they might be blown away by the number on the bottom line. Homeowners may want to cut down on their energy usage, but it’s hard to gauge without daily monitoring. 

That’s where Savant Power comes in. Savant has created a way to make a home’s electrical system smart, providing key insights to homeowners about how much energy they use, where it goes, and how much it costs. By installing it in your new build, you can help homeowners stay aware of their energy consumption. Keep reading to learn more about Savant energy and how it could benefit the future owners of your Tribeca, NY, project. 

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Upgrade the Look & Feel of a Space with Retrofit Lighting Design

an open-concept dining room and living area with hanging pendant and ceiling lighting fixtures.

Three Considerations Our Team Makes During Lighting Projects

Imagine combining an artist’s paintbrush, an architect’s eye, a designer’s intuition, and an engineer’s brain, then adding a remodeling project idea—you’ve got yourself a retrofit lighting design project.

Lighting can make or break a home’s ambiance and a homeowner’s mood. Instead of squinting in a dimly lit room in the middle of a sunny day or wishing the room had an incandescent glow right before bedtime, consider addressing a home’s lighting design before changing anything else.

Keep reading this blog to discover three things our lighting designers consider during retrofit lighting design projects—take a look!

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Ketra Uses the Power of Light to Transform Your Home

Homeowners entertaining in their home lit by Ketra lighting systems.

Enhance Your Daily Routine With Color Temperatures that Boosts Your Mood

Light does more than illuminate a space to aid with visibility. It has the power to transform how you experience your day. For example, a poorly lit home will feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming. It won’t be where you want to entertain or spend a significant amount of time. 

Ketra lighting systems were created to bring natural light to homes, offices, and other spaces around the country. Ketra lighting can revolutionize how you see and experience your home in Tribeca, NY, with tunable light. Keep reading to learn more!

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