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Top Reasons Homeowners Need to Invest In Motorized Shades

Modern living room featuring abstract art, large TV, and seating area in front of windows with motorized shades.

Go Beyond Fabric Selections with This Smart Home Solution 

Many homeowners - and even interior designers - consider motorized window shades to be a visual component of a New York home’s aesthetic. Of course, the various fabric colors and styles bring variety to even the most discerning homeowner’s style, but these automated window treatments can do so much more!

To discover what else motorized shades and blinds can offer your home in Tribeca or the surrounding Lower Manhattan region, keep reading below!

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Safety is always at the top of your mind if you're a parent or have pets. If you have older blinds and shades, then you’re aware of the hanging cords that can often get in the way of curious paws and hands. It’s an unfortunate fact that operating cords can also pose the risk of strangulation. 

Besides pet and child safety, automated window shades can protect your skin and furnishings from harmful UV rays. Over time, sunlight streaming through the windows can cause fabrics and paint to fade and increase your risk of skin cancer.

Consider upgrading the shades in your family room, bedrooms, and other living spaces to modern shading and blinds with no cords in sight! Operation is easy - simply tap a button on an on-wall keypad or use a smart device to raise and lower shades as you please. Or program your shading solutions to operate at predesignated times depending on the time of day and the room’s sun exposure.

Energy Efficiency

Automated shades and blinds are well-researched smart home solutions engineered to add not only convenience to your daily routines but energy efficiency as well! Fabrics are available in varying opacities to let in different levels of light into your interior spaces. The less sunlight that enters a space, the less heat, and vice versa. You can even add temperature sensors to windows and the room that send a signal to your shades to lower if a room becomes too warm or too cool. The shade fabric also insulates a pocket of warming air between itself and the window pane. With these features, your HVAC system doesn’t need to run too warm or too cool unnecessarily. 

Sleep Quality

Consider adding opaque blackout fabrics to your bedroom to improve your sleep quality. These densely woven fabrics come in a variety of colors and block ambient light from entering your room, letting you sleep more soundly and without interruption. In the mornings, an automated Good Morning scene will raise shades automatically to help you ease yourself awake with natural light. Gently waking up to warming sunlight instead of a blaring alarm clock sounds lovely.

Security & Privacy

Whether at home or away, your motorized window shades and blinds can add a layer of protection from peering eyes. Program shades to operate on an Away scene while you’re either gone for the day at work or for a week across the globe. Window treatments automatically operate as if someone were at home, deterring potential thieves looking for an easy break-in target. You can also program window coverings to close at dusk so you and your family can have more privacy instead of backlighting yourselves with interior lighting.

Easy Integration

Shades are also easy to integrate into an existing or new system. Brand partners like Lutron offer incredible control system environments that work as a standalone system or integrate seamlessly with your Savant smart home.


Ready to take the leap into this wonderful smart home solution? Connect with our team here to start exploring what’s possible with motorized shades in your NYC home!

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