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Why Should I Partner with an Integrator like Cravtsman?

contemporary kitchen with dark wooden cabinets and a white countertop with LED light fixtures hanging from above

Take the Guesswork Out of Having Superior LED Light Fixture Installations

Incorporating LED light fixtures in a home is a piece of cake, right? Unfortunately, many designers and homeowners have this misconception in mind when setting out to readdress the lighting within their New Jersey homes. In reality, incorporating LED light fixtures in a home requires the expertise of a trained lighting design team like Cravtsman. 

With leading-edge technology, homeowners in the Morristown area and beyond can transform how their home looks and feels. Wondering how? Read our blog below to discover what’s possible when you work with a professional HTA Certified team like Cravtsman. Keep scrolling to read more.

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Professional vs. DIY

The internet is a vast space for seemingly endless information. Sure, you could watch a few YouTube videos about LED lights and head to the local big-box home improvement store for some LED bulbs. In reality, lighting design requires an expert to fully showcase your home in its best light (literally and figuratively!).

A professional lighting designer like Cravtsman considers your unique home and your family’s specific lighting needs. By layering a combination of task, ambient, and accent lighting fixtures and adding innovative features such as tunable color temperatures and dimming down to 1%, you can craft a home to work in favor of wellness and desired design tastes. And best of all, a professionally trained company like ours can incorporate energy-saving LED bulbs that reduce your energy usage, lowering your carbon footprint to help the planet!

Beyond Basic Lighting

Imagine bright white under-cabinet task lighting for the amateur chef in the kitchen so they may safely see what they’re chopping on the cutting board. And later in the day, warm, amber-toned illumination in the bedroom before bedtime signals to the brain that it’s time to wind down and start relaxing. Lighting and science go hand-in-hand with professional lighting design and installation.

HTA Certified

The national standard for excellence in the home technology industry is HTA Certified Luxury. The Home Technology Association is an unbiased third-party entity that rigorously grades technology integrators on a wide range of criteria, including reputation, credibility, and demonstrated performance, among many other items. Our solutions are fully customizable for any space of your home, from a single room to any luxury home from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. 

Your Lighting Partner

From LED light fixtures to whole-home smart home systems integration, Cravtsman is here for our clients and trade partners throughout every step of their project. To learn more about what’s possible for your unique home needs, connect with our team here today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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