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Enjoy Whole-Home Automation That Doesn’t Encroach on Your Decor

 motorized TV lift lowers a projection screen in front of floor-to-ceiling windows in a living room

Savant Keeps Technology from Impeding Design with Simple, Sleek Features

Technology doesn’t need to be overwhelming, as many homeowners fear it will be when first considering whole-home automation. Instead, technology should blend beautifully into the existing design of your home, never screaming for attention and only adding to the luxury of your daily lifestyle in the Chelsea, NY, region.

Keep reading below to learn how Savant home automation adds sophistication from behind the scenes with hidden AV, intuitive feature management, and more!

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Seamless Entertainment Integration

Imagine your home making nearly every task easier than you could ever imagine. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers play your favorite audio sources without taking up valuable square footage in your home. TVs and projection screens hide away into custom cabinets, the ceiling, or the floor when not in use, so your interior design selections shine. 

One button tap on a Savant on-wall keypad, touchscreen device, or Savant Pro X2 remote queues up your AV system for an immersive movie night experience or a fun party playlist. Your entertainment options have never been more straightforward yet are luxurious enough to make life more exciting with the tap of a button.

Stunning Sound Quality, Everywhere

Cravtsman offers a wide array of high-end speakers to our clients, ranging from floorstanding speakers that are eye-catching conversation-starters to stealthy architectural speakers installed directly into your walls and ceilings with paintable grilles, making them hide in plain sight. You can integrate technology to make life easier regardless of your design preferences.

Your Savant whole-home automation system integrates with your whole-house audio system, marrying the convenience of Savant control with the Hi-Fi sound you’ve come to expect from a high-end speaker setup. Set the dining room audio zone to play a romantic song for you and your partner while the kids listen to a YouTube playlist in the game room. One Savant system controls it all, so there’s no need to fumble through multiple apps or remotes to adjust the volume, switch the song, or change the audio source. It’s intuitive for everyone in the family to use. 

No Black Rectangles on the Wall

When a TV isn’t used, it’s simply a large, black rectangle on your wall. Instead of dedicating space to your screen when it’s not being used or losing exciting design opportunities, opt for a hidden TV. Motorized lifts can lower projectors and projection screens from the ceiling or raise TVs from specialized electronics cabinets when you’re ready to watch a movie, TV show, or the big game. Once you’re done watching, press a button to conceal the technology components again.

You can see a projection screen lowered from the ceiling in the image at the top of the blog. Once the show is over, the screen hides into the ceiling. You get to preserve our gorgeous outdoor views and enjoy technology that works like magic behind the scenes when not in use!

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Cravtsman is your local whole-home automation expert. We specialize in combining the efficiency of technology with the beauty of your home’s design. Connect with us here, or chat with us below, to start a conversation about your upcoming project.

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