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Ketra Lighting: The Future of Home Lighting

An elegant kitchen equipped with Ketra lighting

Integrate This Tunable Lighting Solution into Your Next Design-Build Project

How your rooms are lit directly impacts the appearance and liveability of your home. Lighting can affect how welcoming your home feels, your routine, and your overall well-being. Unfortunately, traditional lighting solutions and bulbs don’t always provide the ideal lighting design. In addition, they won’t adapt to your needs or the time of day.

Ketra was created to provide better lighting solutions that allow users to harness the benefits of natural light where they live and work. In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron. Together, they’ve created revolutionary lighting solutions that are beautiful and intuitive to control. Keep reading to learn more about Ketra lighting and how it adds light, life, and wellness to your design-build project in Upper East Side, NY.

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Tunable Lighting

Ketra lights are advanced LED bulbs that can be tuned to any shade or color - in fact, millions of them! Homeowners can set their lights to anything from a bright white to a warm yellow glow. Or tune them to any shade on the color wheel. If there’s a certain setting that they want to recall quickly later, such as a color combination for a home theater or another scene, it can be saved as a shortcut. That way, they can change their lights to their preferred setting at the touch of a button.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting has many health benefits. Sunlight boosts Vitamin D, improves productivity during the day and restfulness at night, and can lead to improved well-being. Ketra mimics natural light and offers many of the same benefits. A Ketra system changes throughout the day to help reinforce your routine. For example, wake up to bright whites that help you start your day feeling rested and productive, then in the evening, they dim to a warm candle-like glow to help you relax before bed.

Elevate Beauty

Ketra reinforces the beauty in a home. Using this lighting system in your construction or remodeling project will certainly add appeal! Because the system is totally tunable, it adjusts to the right shade and hue to elevate the colors of furniture, artwork, and home decor. Colors pop, and homeowners will notice details that make a room come alive. Since you spend a lot of time designing a home, let Cravtsman install a Ketra system to highlight the home’s beauty.

Total Integration

By partnering with Lutron, Ketra takes advantage of easy-to-use controls, making adjusting and managing lights easier. Plus, it can be integrated with any home automation system.

Add more value to your home project and experience the benefits of natural and tunable lighting. Contact Cravtsman today. Our team of professionals can install a Ketra lighting system that makes your custom home or renovation project stand apart from the rest. 

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