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How Lutron Intelligent Lighting Boosts Your Project Designs


Automate homes and improve their aesthetics with Lutron’s Intelligent Lighting

Lutron's intelligent lighting control systems are a must-have feature for all new constructions. Whether a builder, architect, or designer, you will increase property values by creating lighting designs that are beautiful and easy to use. Through a mix of automated lighting, sleek controls and luxury lighting fixtures, Lutron gives you all the tools needed to impress your discerning clients in the Upper West Side in New York City. Read on to find out all the reasons why adding Lutron intelligent lighting system to construction projects is a wise choice.


Complete Automation

Lutron's intelligent lighting systems allow homeowners to manage lights in various ways. They can use the  Lutron app to control the lights from anywhere. With a simple tap of their finger, switching the lights on or off is possible. They can also use automated features, presetting the lights to switch on or off at a particular time based on their daily routine. So, a Lutron intelligent lighting system does not simply stop at offering you complete control, but it also allows easy automation. This type of home automation will make you stand out to homeowners looking for live-in-ready homes.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Lighting makes a considerable difference in a home's aesthetics. With Lutron's intelligent lighting control, it’s easy for clients to adjust lighting intensity and color temperature according to their design goals. The best part is that they can do this through surface-mounted dimmers and switches customized to match the home’s décor. Let them choose from various finishes and button configurations depending on their style preferences.

One of the biggest additions in Lutron’s intelligent lighting offerings is a greater choice of lighting fixtures. Ketra fixtures offer comprehensive color temperature management for lighting that helps certain colors pop while also improving the homeowner’s wellbeing. Their Ivalo lighting line incorporates beautiful fixtures from overhead cans to accent lighting in the form of LED track lights and pendants to craft a beautiful lighting design.


It is your job to find the best solutions for your clients, and the Lutron lighting system offers just that. The automation system offers comfort and convenience. Most importantly when it comes to luxury homes, it can be customized from top to bottom to craft a unique look and experience for your clients.

Cravtsman is a Lutron dealer and offers intelligent lighting solutions in Upper West Side, NY. If you're interested in adding the Lutron lighting system to your next construction project, get in touch with us today. Give us a call at (201) 620-2929 or fill out our contact form for more details.

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