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The Savant Difference

A woman with Savant control touchpad.

See How Savant Technology and Automation Can Elevate a Home

An automation system is the heart of a smart home. It integrates all of the smart devices for easy control from one dashboard. It also makes it easier to set lighting and shading scenes, automate the thermostat, and monitor home security. It’s a crucial system, and there are so many home automation platforms out there. Does it matter which one you choose for your home project in Closter, NJ?

Not all home control systems are the same, and many home automation platforms go above and beyond integrating all of your smart technology. So, you want the best, which is why you should consider a Savant home automation system. Savant’s technology and automation platform include unique features that give it an edge over other systems. Keep reading to learn a few unique features of Savant! 

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Smart Energy

Savant makes an entire home smart, including home energy. Savant offers a smart energy panel, which is an indoor climate control system that allows you to monitor your energy. For example, you can see what outlet or appliance consumes most of your energy as well as your energy trends to help keep your utility bill low and reduce your carbon footprint. You can also set energy “scenes” to direct energy towards the most crucial loads.

Superior Entertainment

Savant doesn’t just integrate your entertainment. It actively enhances it. Savant’s network has IP video and audio, meaning high-resolution video and high-fidelity audio are delivered from any source to any display or speakers. Savant’s audio also has lossless capabilities for a listening experience bound to please any audiophile. And with Savant, one display can be transformed into multiple screens with video tiling. You can watch up to nine different sources for the ultimate viewing experience.

Great Partners Under the Savant Name

Savant offers many more smart home technologies, such as lighting control, motorized shades, and smart thermostats. One of the ways they do this is by partnering with other leading brands. Savant’s superior lighting system is made possible by GE. And Savant’s partnership with Ring makes controlling door access and security easy.

In addition to having partners to help expand Savant’s line of smart technology, Savant is compatible with most smart technology and brands. So no matter what tech you have in your home, Savant can enhance it.

While home automation systems will give you an easy-to-use dashboard to control all your home’s smart technology, Savant takes it to the next level with the Savant app, the Savant remote, voice control, and even no-touch home automation.

Are you ready to enhance your home in Closter, NJ, with a Savant home automation system? Contact Cravtsman today! We are a certified Savant dealer and can bring their unique platform and technology to your home so you can experience luxury living like never before.

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