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How to Prepare Your Projects for Smart Shades


Partner with a technology expert from the start for a seamless integration

If you want to stand out in a competitive luxury market in Morrison, NJ, its important to incorporate smart features in your projects. Smart shades should be one of the first you look to, as they offer a wide range of benefits and are relatively easy to add. Adding them during the construction phase will boost your projects value and help you attract high-end clients. Though shades are one of the easiest smart home additions, there are still some things you should consider when incorporating them into your project. 

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Improve Wellness and Happiness in the Home With Circadian Rhythm Lighting


Discover how tunable lighting elevates the way people live, work and sleep

Light is a transformative medium; in the blink of any eye, it sets a mood, creates ambiance, and influences the perceptions of the individual who experiences it. When designing living spaces, the time, duration, color, and intensity of illumination are critical factors for comfort, creativity, and productivity. 

Natural light has the most significant impact, the sun’s daily cycle influences our evolutionary development and social constructs. While many of the converted Tribeca, NY buildings have large windows, the congestion of towers further downtown and standard electric fixtures can work against incorporating the benefits of daylight. Adding circadian rhythm lighting adds beauty and benefits to any residence. 

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What You Need to Create a Luxury Home Theater


Explore the Technology Needed for an Immersive Viewing Experience

The setting where you view movies and TV shows has a massive effect on your theatre experience. When viewing a movie, your full concentration should be on the action in front of you, and you should also be completely absorbed in the visuals and audio of the movie, TV show or game. In your Closter, NJ home, a luxury home theater can deliver the finest movie experience directly to you. Continue reading to learn exactly what you'll need to create a truly immersive movie-watching experience.

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Elevate How You Live With High-End Home Automation


Discover the Benefits of Having an Ecosystem Personalized to Your Needs and Desires

Every aspect of your Chelsea, NY home, from the landscaping to the artwork and furniture, is a reflection of your aesthetic and personality. The form, function of the architecture, and the stimulation of the decor bring you comfort, inspiration, and solace.

In the same manner, a high-end automation system should offer the same level of luxury that elevates your lifestyle by catering to your needs and offering conveniences that enhance how you live.  Our HTA (Home Technology Association) certified designers and integrators are passionate about bringing you lighting and climate control that improves your well-being and entertainment that stirs the soul.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Then keep reading below to learn more.

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