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Make Your Smart Home Dreams Come True with a Savant System


Install a Home Automation System that Enhances Your Lifestyle

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, with a wide range of smart products that are intended to provide convenience. And while many over-the-counter smart devices are available, it takes a professional solution to bring them all together. As a Savant dealer, we know what it takes to meet your lifestyle demands.

A smart home automation system creates an ecosystem of devices, controllers, and sensors that work together to make managing your home a breeze. From heating and cooling to tunable lighting, distributed media, and more, all your technology lives within one seamless experience.

Are you intrigued by Savant's personalized luxury and how it improves your New York City, NY home? We showcase some of the main reasons it’s our go-to smart home solutions.

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The Savant Difference

The founders of Savant Systems had one goal in mind: offering a more straightforward way to integrate home control. The result is a state-of the-art and simple to use platform. The products are built on prioritizing personalization and incorporating Apple iOS and Android devices and their already familiar graphical interfaces. Savant controls thousands of partner devices, from lighting and shades to climate control and home entertainment. More products are added all the time. If you want to install it- Savant can control it.

Whole-Home Audio

The traditional method of distributing music throughout the home required bundles of analog cables; all run from a central rack to the speaker destination. Savant uses future-friendly audio video bridging technology to send clean digital signals over standard category cables. The IP-based topology is the same industry standard used by professional media production and corporate facilities.

The Savant Pro App allows you to choose any source to fill any or all of your house’s rooms. Create some inspiration while making dinner, set soothing sounds while relaxing in the jacuzzi, or add some pep to the barbeque. Stream high-definition songs from all popular platforms such as QoBuz, Amazon HD, Deezer, Spotify, and TIDAL.

Focused on You

You want a control system attuned to your needs. Create custom scenes that dim the lights just as you like. Create a sequence of events triggered at the touch of a button or with the sound of your voice that automatically adjust lights, shades, video, and more.

Each member of your family has their own unique routines and way of doing things. The system allows you to create personalized accounts where they can access their preferences and scenes. Now everyone has control suited to them.

Simpler, Smarter Control

Home automation delivers added convenience and luxury that fits your lifestyle. Are you ready to add the benefits of a Savant system to your home? Call us today at (201) 620-2929, or reach out via our contact page.

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