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Lutron Lighting Control: A Smarter Way to Light Your Home


Illuminate Your Rooms with AutomatedLights That Are Intuitive and Attractive

Do you have the right lights in your home? Unlike traditional lights, smart lighting is human-centric, tunable, and designed to achieve the perfect balance of form and function for any space. If you want a room-enhancing automated lighting system, then you need lights that create the ambiance you want while giving you complete control at the touch of a button.

See your home in a new light with a lighting control system by Lutron. You’ll be able to set lighting scenes, as well as change the color and intensity of the lights for different areas of your home in Closter, NJ. Keep reading to learn the two primary reasons to upgrade to smart lighting.

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What Technologies Are Essential in Home Theater Design?


The Perfect Home Cinema Needs These 3 Elements

Do you miss the roar of the crowd at a live game or the thrill of watching a new film in the movie theater? Just because some things are “on hold” during this season in our lives, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. In fact, a state-of-the-art home theater can bring everything to life again. You’ll enjoy an immersive entertainment experience – whether you’re watching a game, movie, or TV show.

Today’s home theaters offer everything from 4K and 8K displays and immersive surround sound to luxury seating and automated lighting. Read more to learn how to improve the entertainment at your home in Closter, NJ, with these three home theater design elements.

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Discover All the Outdoor Entertainment Possibilities for Your New York City Home

It’s hard not to love New York City summers. Why stay indoors when there’s so much to enjoy outside? If you want to take advantage of your home’s outdoor space with friends and family during these warm months, it’s worth investing in products that give you ultimate relaxation and entertainment. Outdoor TVs are essential parts of an outdoor entertainment system; here’s why they should be your next upgrade for your New York home.

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Healthy Air and Water Makes for Healthy People

Health seems to be at the top of everyone’s mind right now, and it’s something that should always be a priority. With all the time that you’re probably spending indoors, have you thought about your home’s air and water quality?

There’s definitely a pandemic to worry about — but the rising levels of air and water pollution that finds its ways into homes is another ongoing issue. Pure365 is a company that’s on a mission to protect homes from harmful particles and contaminants, and its products offer health benefits for you and your family.

Here’s why you should have a Pure365 air purification system in your New York City home.

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