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Smart Home Integrators: Cornerstones of Residential Development


Home Automation Experts Work with Designers and Builders to Create “Lifestyle” Homes

Local interior designers and architects have long partnered with contractors, using their expertise to create a home aligned with their client's vision. However, today's technology-driven world has added one more professional to the mix, the smart home integrator responsible for home automation systems in Morristown, NJ, and beyond.

Let's look at how professional, smart home integrators help designers, architects, and builders create the ultimate home in elevated living.

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Explore Cravtsman’s Speaker Recommendations for Whole-Home Audio


Quality speakers deliver superior sound performance in every room of your home

A whole-home audio solution is a great investment for the entire family. With a multi-zone distributed audio system, everyone in your family can listen to the music, podcasts and audiobooks they want in any room of the house. Enhance your joy at home by adding music to family dinners, home workouts, and relaxing evenings with a good book.

Speaker selection is one of the most important parts of installing whole-home audio in your Cold Spring Harbor, NY, house. Of all the components that make up a sound system, speakers have the biggest impact on sound quality. In the long run, you’ll gain more value and enjoyment from your system by investing in high-end speaker brands from the beginning. Keep reading to learn our top recommendations for high-quality speakers for your home system.

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Discover How Smart Lighting and Shading Solutions Complement Your Creativity 

The right design changes a house into a home that expresses the personalities and lifestyle of the owners. And as smart home technology has grown exponentially in recent years, it’s gone from a thorn in interior designers’ sides to a valuable tool.

While in the past interfaces and components often clashed with a chosen aesthetic, today solutions like Lutron lighting and shading offer automation features that complement the design and furnish designers with tools to expand any design palette.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Alpine, NJ clientele? Read below to learn more!

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Enjoy Complete Outdoor Entertaining with Superior Audio


Make Your Yard More Entertaining with Speakers Designed To Fill Open Spaces. 

The season of barbeques, lazy days by the pool, and enjoying your property to its fullest is upon us! Entertaining outside is one of the special privileges of homeownership. Your yard is where family milestones are celebrated, the gang gathers to watch the big game, and friends come to reconnect.

No matter what you are doing, spending time free of your home’s confines makes the food taste better, the drinks more refreshing, and the music more poignant. Whether you listen to the radio, play songs from your curated collection, or stream HD tunes, an outdoor sound system gets you moving.

Are you looking to make more of your Closter, NJ backyard this summer? Read more to find out how.

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