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How to Create the Optimal Home Theater Experience


Here’s what Closter, NJ, residents need to get the best visuals and sound from their home theater

For hardcore movie and TV watchers, nothing beats watching your favorite movie or show in the comfort and style of a custom home theater. A dedicated home theater is also a significant investment, so you want to know you’re getting the best results for the money you’re spending.

Do you know what display, speakers and other equipment are the right choices for your home theater? If you’re not sure, we can help. In this blog, we’ll walk you through everything you need.

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All the Benefits You'll See from Wireless Lighting Control


Learn more about how these systems can help Alpine, NJ, residents make their home more beautiful and comfortable

It’s difficult to measure just how much light influences our daily lives. Light not only impacts our daily activities and our mood; it also plays a major role in interior design.

Until recently, however, the technological options for taking advantage of light in new ways was rather limited. But with wireless lighting control, you can set the perfect mood for any occasion in your Alpine, NJ, home, while helping yourself live a more relaxed, comfortable lifestyle. We’ll be focusing on Lutron products in this blog, but the same principles are true for all wireless lighting products. Curious to know more? Read on.

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How Video Walls Can Help Your Business Stand Out


Make a stronger impression and get more creative with your in-store marketing efforts

In a crowded marketplace with infinite distractions and businesses competing for customers’ time and money, it’s getting harder and harder to attract attention. If you’re a business owner, your marketing efforts need to be catchy and informative. Customizing your campaigns quickly and easily is essential if you want to get noticed and turn profits

This is what makes a video wall such a smart investment for your business. Because they combine visual and audio elements, video advertising and marketing materials can convey more information in a much efficient, appealing manner. You can also create more customized, targeted campaigns using tools that print materials don’t offer. Here’s why a video wall is a smart choice for discerning New York City businesses.

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Easy Guide to Setting Up 2-Channel Audio at Home


Everything you need to enjoy crisp, clear, high-fidelity sound in your New York City home

There are many ways to enjoy music in your house. For background listening, a wireless speaker or two will do the trick. If you’re watching a movie, surround sound is the best way to create that immersive theater feeling. But to treat your ears with your favorite songs at the best quality, there’s no beating 2-channel audio.

Setting up 2-channel requires more than just a set of speakers, however. Achieving optimal sound quality involves your speakers, your amplifier and the cables that link everything together. If you’re a little confused, there’s no need to fret; we’re the experts. Today we’ll walk you through everything you need to know and all the components you’ll need to build a 2-channel audio system for your New York City home.

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