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The new year brings the hope for new things to come, taking control, and the prospect of brighter paths forward. This year you can improve your home’s health and happiness by incorporating whole-home automation into your daily life.

A smart home furnishes the benefits to your well-being and the luxury of enhancing your lifestyle. Bring more vitality into your life with transformative lighting and controls that simulate the senses while assuring you are safe and comfortable.

Are you interested in whole-home automation for your New York City house? Read more of our 2021 high technology preview.

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Refined Lighting Control

Lighting is a vital part of our lives, guiding our path through the dark and ensuring safety, but there is so much more to our relationship with light. Human-centric lighting connects how natural sunlight shapes our focus, emotions, and well-being. Intuitive programming starts with soft hues and low levels, energizing the day with crisp natural light, and ending the day with warm colors.

The Alisse wall controls complement the Lutron HomeWorks lighting and motorized shade system, matching the sophistication of tunable illumination with elegant aesthetics. These panels are crafted meticulously from genuine materials and superlative finishes; each unit is customizable to meet your needs and decor. 

In combining cutting-edge technology and sleek architectural design, the Alisse wall controls transform the act of turning on the lights into a magical ambiance.  Each backlight button provides a personalized experience with customizable button configurations and engravings.

Complete Home Control

Taking control of a home's entire eco-system can seem daunting and the options complex. Savant, founded in 2005, is based on the belief that whole-home management should be both state of the art and simple to use. The control system is built on prioritizing personalization and incorporating a mix of iOS and Android devices and custom interfaces. 

Whether you are setting the optimal temperature or filling the house with music, Savant’s solutions work with your lifestyle and preferences. Monitoring and control are not limited to proprietary interfaces, though their offering of touchscreens and remotes enable universal control when desired.

A smart home is about more than just control; entertainment is a powerful component.  From distributing music to set the mood or delivering cinema-quality content to your home theater, Savant delivers.  IP based network servers surround you with sound and vision that take you from an experience to the experiential.

Ring in the new year with a fresh look at how a whole-home automation system and Cravtsman’s expert team can give you the smart home of your dreams.

Our team at Cravtsman is ready to answer all your smart home questions and provide the expertise you need. Call us today at (201) 620-2929, or check out our online contact page.

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