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Bring Your Home to Life With a Premier Audio-Video System


Enjoy High-Quality Audio and Video in Every Room of Your Home

A whole-home audio and video system enables you and your family to access your favorite movies, music, and other digital media from streaming internet services, cable, satellite, and other content providers. Listen to your favorite playlist from Spotify, Tidal, or Pandora, or binge-watch your latest Netflix program from any room in your home.

You can even enjoy the audiobook you’ve been meaning to listen to while gardening in the backyard or fill the home with music that inspires. The possibilities of a whole-home AV system are only limited by one’s imagination and the AV company you choose to work with.

Are you ready to see what’s possible for your Tribeca, NY, home? Read on to learn how the combination of home automation and a comprehensive AV system can transform your entertainment experience.

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Combining Your AV System With Home Automation

At Cravtsman, we partner with Savant, one of the leading luxury home automation brands. In addition to controlling lighting, energy, climate, and security, Savant goes above and beyond in automating your entertainment system.

Savant’s Audio Video Bridging allows you to connect to any source and simultaneously send audio and video signals to any room over an IP connection. Imagine enjoying beautiful music that fills every space in your home and outdoor area, or watch a movie in the family room and then retire to the bedroom to finish it where you left off.

Savant’s video tilling feature also allows you to show up to nine video sources on your screen. Think about the possibilities when game day arrives or if you want to watch multiple newscasts during a breaking event.

In addition, our certified technicians can set up different zones using multiple amplifiers and receivers so that every family member can listen and view whatever their heart desires from any room. One of the best features is that you control your whole-home AV system and other home automated devices from one easy-to-use interface, whether an in-wall touch panel, tablet, smartphone, or handheld remote.

Better yet, let Savant control your home for you. We’ll program pre-set scenes based on your family's lifestyle. For example, a "morning" scene can gently awaken you with soft, gentle music as the shades slowly open, bringing in the first rays of the sun. An "entertainment" scene can fill your home and backyard with tunes from your favorite playlists while illuminating your home, yard, and patio with landscape lighting.

Maintaining Your Home’s Design

You may be thinking that this system sounds terrific, but how will it affect your home's décor? Many homeowners appreciate the detailed installation that places all the equipment in one centralized, hidden location, maintaining your home’s aesthetics. Additionally, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers may be hidden from view or resemble recessed lights.

Your 4K or 8K HDR TV may rise from a piece of furniture, hide behind paneling, or change from a mirror or fine-art painting into your large flat-screen TV.

At Cravtsman, we're committed to providing our clients with the latest technology that enhances their day-to-day living while ensuring an easy-to-use process that makes life that much sweeter. For more information on today's integrated AV systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Cravtsman today.

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