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3 Three Reasons You Need Video Tiling For Your Smart Home


Boost Your Entertainment and Security With Savant’s Video Distribution

The beginning of the year is a great time to make changes. We get to start fresh and reflect on the last year, taking note of the things we did right and the things we’d like to do better. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds or travel more. Perhaps you want to have closer relationships or save more for retirement.

We can all think of a few things we’d like to change this year, and while we are listing them, we should also consider making changes we want to make to our home automation systems. One way you can upgrade your Morristown, NJ home this year to improve your safety and entertainment is by boosting your video distribution with Savant’s video tilling.  

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Security Overview on One Screen

When we think of video tiling, the first thing that comes to mind is security. Like in the movies, you see a guy sitting in front of a group of monitors, or one giant monitor, with video tiles of security cameras as he tries to frantically locate the bad guy.

Because this is the best way to observe every inch of a property quickly and efficiently, the same goes for your home. With a video distribution system linked to your security system, you can collect all the feeds from your property surveillance cameras on one interface through your Savant Pro app. With video tiling, instead of switching back and forth between cameras, you can divide up the screen to see every angle at once.

Multiple Viewing at One Time

I have a few gamers in my life, and I didn't realize how social it was until recently. With tiling, you can view multiple media streams or cameras at once, so you can see all of your friend’s faces as you are navigating a game together. That’s pretty cool.

Sports fans can have the big game playing while keeping up with other games on smaller screens. In the age of conference calls, how about have a tile of the video feed from your best friend while you watch your favorite show together?  

Easy Control at Your Fingertips

Using video distribution with your home automation system is not only efficient and secure, but it also makes doing the things you like to do a lot easier. Savant’s video tiling solution lets you manage all your video feeds from a simple drag and drop menu on your app. Choose the number of tiles you want and how you want to configure them, then simply drag over the video source you want to feature in each tile whether it’s a streaming service, surveillance camera or Blu-ray player.

Find out more about video distribution from a trusted Savant dealer. Gives us a call to talk about video tiling at 201-620-2929 or contact us here.

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