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Smart Home Integrators: Cornerstones of Residential Development


Home Automation Experts Work with Designers and Builders to Create “Lifestyle” Homes

Local interior designers and architects have long partnered with contractors, using their expertise to create a home aligned with their client's vision. However, today's technology-driven world has added one more professional to the mix, the smart home integrator responsible for home automation systems in Morristown, NJ, and beyond.

Let's look at how professional, smart home integrators help designers, architects, and builders create the ultimate home in elevated living.

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Custom Solutions that Fulfill the Growing Demand for Smart Home Automation

Designers and architects are well aware of the growing demand for smart home technology. The smart home market is growing exponentially, with over 77 million connected homes expected in the U.S. market by 2025. Additionally, a study reported by Builder found that 65% of baby boomers and 86% of millennials are willing to pay more for a home if it has smart home technology, with millennials willing to pay 20% more per month for this type of technology.

By working together, integrators, designers, and architects can develop solutions that significantly impact the quality of their client's life. Because of rapid advances, many people don't know all of the benefits and possibilities that smart home technology offers.

For instance, after determining a client’s lifestyle, we may find that a whole-home audio solution that includes backyard integration will add significant enjoyment for the family. We may even include underwater speakers for their pool. On the other hand, they may relish the thought of an outdoor home theater and the latest technology that allows for surround sound and crystal-clear images, even in bright sunlight.

Maybe they travel quite a bit and did not know they could combine Savant home automation and Lutron lighting so that their lights randomly turn on and off throughout the evening and their blinds or shades close at dusk when they’re away.

By working together at the initial stages of a build, we often create much more than the client first imagined, exceeding their expectations and, ultimately, the enjoyment of their home.

Reducing Costs

Working with a home automation expert from conception ensures that the homeowner's specific requests regarding home automation can be included in the design phase. This reduces any complications and extra costs that can incur once the building begins. It's much more cost-effective to incorporate the wiring and technology into a smart home during the initial construction phase. Ideally, the automation plan should be developed before framing and electrical to limit added retrofit costs and complications.

By establishing the plan, budget, and scope for each technology device in the home in the design process, you maintain the home’s design integrity and reduce delays and costly change orders.

The Savant Smart Home

Savant sets the standard in luxury home living. The brand’s powerful technology brings the control of climate, blinds, lighting, entertainment, music, and security under one single platform, with the ability to customize solutions specific to each client’s lifestyle. Its circadian lighting can even promote homeowner's well-being by using the daylight mode to support a healthy sleep and wake cycle.

Are you ready to work with the top smart home integrator in Morristown, NJ? At Cravtsman, we're committed to developing long-term relationships with the professionals we work with when designing, developing, and building a smart home.

As Luxury HTA and Savant Programmer certified technicians, we deliver only the best-in-quality products and services. We pride ourselves on this best-in-class approach and our company protocol that ensures consistent and timely communication. To learn more about our services or for a no-obligation consultation, call Cravtsman today.

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