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All the Benefits You'll See from Wireless Lighting Control


Learn more about how these systems can help Alpine, NJ, residents make their home more beautiful and comfortable

It’s difficult to measure just how much light influences our daily lives. Light not only impacts our daily activities and our mood; it also plays a major role in interior design.

Until recently, however, the technological options for taking advantage of light in new ways was rather limited. But with wireless lighting control, you can set the perfect mood for any occasion in your Alpine, NJ, home, while helping yourself live a more relaxed, comfortable lifestyle. We’ll be focusing on Lutron products in this blog, but the same principles are true for all wireless lighting products. Curious to know more? Read on.



One of the most powerful benefits of a lighting control system is that it lets you use one device to control all the fixtures in your home. Having one central point of control makes it easier to manage all your lights, and it also makes it easy to automate your system for even greater convenience.

For example, your system can use motion and proximity sensors to turn off all your lights when you leave for work, then turn them back on once the sun sets. You can also create automated lighting schedules to simplify your routine. Your bedroom lights can gradually increase at sunrise when it’s time to get up, then dim gradually in the evening as bedtime approaches.

Wireless lighting control from Lutron makes this type of centralized control system simple. Their RadioRA 2 system can support up to 200 devices, which allows you to start in a room or two before expanding to the rest of your house. If you’re looking to go all-in on lighting control, Lutron’s HomeWorksQS system supports up to 10,000 devices as well as integrated control with Lutron smart thermostats.


Your choice of light fixtures plays a major role in defining your home’s aesthetic, both in terms of setting the mood and how elements within a room are shown. Conventional lighting only gives you the choice of having your lights on or off, but using dimmers with a lighting control system offers you much more fine-tuned control.

Lutron takes this principle a step further with tunable lighting from Ketra. While older dimmers only allow you to control the intensity of the light coming from a fixture, Ketra’s tunable lighting technology uses warm-dimming bulbs that let you set the color temperature and the intensity of the light as independent variables. This gives you a much wider range of lighting options to choose from.

Lutron has also made it easy for your fixtures and control panels themselves to blend in with your interior design aesthetic. The RadioRA 2 and HomeWorksQS systems both feature several distinct styles of keypads and dimmers, the ability to put custom engravings on those devices, and a wide range of available finishes to suit any style.

This is just the start of what Lutron lighting control has to offer homeowners. To learn more, fill out our online contact sheet or call our office at (201) 620-2929.

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