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Elevate the Beauty of Your Home with Lutron Keypads

Matte black, Lutron Alisse keypad mounted on a black marble wall. Two buttons that read energize and relax.

Create the perfect atmosphere with beautiful lighting and Lutron’s Elegant Alisse Keypads

Lighting plays an important role in your daily life. It is an essential part of every scene in your home, whether you want to create a festive atmosphere, a cinematic feel, or a relaxing environment to wind down in the evening. Human-centric lighting even promotes wellness. 

While smart home control is easy with a smartphone app or tablet, you can also take control with Lutron’s elegant Alisse keypads. Adjust the lights however you want with a single button press. Read on to learn the benefits of using Lutron keypads in your Tribeca, NY, home. 

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Welcoming Illumination

A home’s lighting system says a lot about your home. Whether it’s for your guests or family members, you want lighting that creates the perfect scene for any room and any event. But when you have Lutron Alisse keypads, adjusting the lights is only a matter of a single button press. 

Combining the Lutron Alisse keypads with tunable lights allows you to illuminate your home in different hues. Moreover, human-centric lighting also offers warmth, comfort, and relaxation. It is another top solution that homeowners look for in smart homes. The lighting control keypads can also be added in outdoor spaces to set the mood for activities you do outside. 

Personalized Aesthetics

The Lutron lighting control system offers sophisticated control panels. The Alisse control panels can be customized to match any room’s requirements, and they also allow you to control motorized window treatments. The keypads complement your home’s décor and architecture, so you get an aesthetically pleasing space as the final result. 

The control panels can be custom engraved too. You can create any scene based on your requirements, such as “Relax,” “Party,” “Dinner,” or “Movie.” The panels can contain one, two, or three columns of buttons, depending on your preference. 

Gold Lutron Alisse keypad mounted on a blue and black wallpapered wall. Three buttons read natural, sanctuary, and entertain.

Custom Finishes

Lutron Alisse keypads offer a comprehensive collection of finishes to match your home’s décor. The collection of wall-mounted panels is available in a wide range of finishes, making them perfect for adding to any room. Finishes include aged brass, aged bronze, satin nickel, bright chrome, matte black, and more! Lutron’s keypads have the look of luxury and the perfect functionality for your home. 

Are you ready to add Lutron keypads to your home? Cravtsman offers the best lighting control solutions in Tribeca, NY. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (201) 620-2929 or reach out using an online contact form to get more details. 

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