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3 Key Features We Love About Lutron HomeWorks

gold metallic Alisse keypad with two backlit push buttons sitting atop a flowery tablecloth

Discover How Cravtsman Can Bring Light to Any Room with a Smart Command

If you’re looking for new ways to add class or style to your New York City home, then it’s time to assess its lighting. Subtle details like color temperature and brightness can add intrigue and sophistication to any living space, but these lighting details at the wrong time or location can cause annoyances, poor sleep, and even safety concerns! Luckily, with a lighting control system powered by Lutron HomeWorks, homeowners in Tribeca and beyond can adjust the ambiance of spaces within seconds. Their home will always look great, plus they’ll feel great, too.

Cravtsman enjoys crafting customized luxury living experiences for our clients' unique homes and tastes, and we love partnering with NYC designers and architects to do so! Keep reading below to learn more about what our professional lighting control and automation team can do with a Lutron HomeWorks system.

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Incredible Power

With HomeWorks, a smart home has never been more flexible! This expansive control platform orchestrates home lighting, Lutron window coverings, and fixtures in an intuitive and straightforward way, supporting up to 10,000 devices in a single system! HomeWorks even integrates seamlessly with Lutron thermostats and other devices, so homeowners can control their lighting, climate, audio, and more without a second thought.

Aesthetics Matter

Beyond power and control, Lutron HomeWorks brings style and sophistication to every room with various finishes and styles. Regardless of a homeowner’s design taste, a corresponding Lutron keypad exists to showcase it. Choose from the old-world style of the hand-crafted metallic Alisse keypads with customizable backlit buttons or the modern rocker switches and slide bars of the latest Sunnata line. Other keypad options include the Palladiom, GRAFIK, and SeeTouch series, to name a few. Each offers its own style and individualized aesthetic to complement whichever room of the house it’s installed, and the robust Lutron HomeWorks control technology powers it all behind the scenes.

The Luxury Automated Home Experience

Imagine walking into a room, tapping a button, and having the entire room change to suit the mood. From programmed smart scenes to immediate management of your smart devices, you have the power of your home at your fingertips with Lutron HomeWorks.

The Chill smart scene dims the lights to the perfect setting for a romantic dinner for two, tunes your multi-room audio system to your favorite streaming station, and lowers the shades for privacy. The Morning smart scene gradually brightens bedroom lighting, raises shades to let in natural sunlight, and sets the news or weather station to start playing as you prepare for the day ahead. Or simply manage lights, shades, and other devices as needed throughout the day - the choice is yours!

Your Trusted Lutron Resource

As a certified Lutron dealer, the Cravtsman team brings innovative technologies like Lutron HomeWorks to client homes day in and day out. Give us a call or connect with us here to start a conversation about your lighting ideas. We can’t wait to shine a light on the possibilities.

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