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Why Lutron’s Radio RA3 is Perfect for Residential Projects


Improve the aesthetics of your residential projects with Lutron’s wireless lighting solution

Lutron is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to connected lighting in both commercial and residential spaces. Their Radio RA3 wireless system, in particular, is a great centralized lighting control system for residences in Soho, NY. Whether working on a retrofit or new construction, you’ll be able to add both style and functionality to the space to boost its value.

Read on to find out all the features of the Lutron Radio RA3 lighting control system.


Hassle-Free Installation

As a builder, the installation of connected lighting is essential, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Radio RA3 offers a hassle-free installation since it’s a wireless system that significantly reduces the wiring needed to set up the system. It relies on its all-in-one processor and has built-in QuikFind software that makes it easy to find and configure all connected devices. Through PoE capabilities, it is easy to get optimal RF coverage even in larger properties. 

Custom Control

Unlike their entry-level wireless platform—Caseta—RadioRa3 allows for great customization with the Lutron App. It also opens up a wide array of keypad options outside of the Pico remote. Choose from a wide range of button configurations, colors and finishes. The keypads can be customized with text or icons to offer your clients simple, tailormade control. 

Contemporary Light Bar

Among their luxury control options, Radio RA3 offers a beautiful light bar design that allows you to control the lights with a single touch of your finger. The switches and keypads are mounted on walls and have touch-sensitive dimmers. A simple swipe can adjust the lights however you want. Since the design itself is aesthetically pleasing, more and more homeowners are inclined to get a home that offers centralized control over the lights. The soft glow design makes it easy to locate the light bars even in the dark. The wall-mounts glow in the dark so you can reach them without hassle.

Vast Range of Colors

Smart homes do not compromise on aesthetics and integrate technology that blends perfectly with the home’s décor. Fortunately, the Radio RA3 checks both these boxes, thanks to its vast range of colors.

Select from 20 color options in their satin finishes so the wall mounts blend seamlessly into the walls. Moreover, you can get four different colors if you opt for a glossy finish. Also, you can always opt for a stainless-steel plate with a black dimmer switch for a sleek modern look.

Cravstman is a Lutron dealer offering the best lighting control systems in Soho, NY. If you’re interested in integrating the Radio RA3 system into your next construction project, get in touch with us today by calling (201) 620-2929. You can also fill out an easy online contact form for more details.

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