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Explore Cravtsman’s Speaker Recommendations for Whole-Home Audio


Quality speakers deliver superior sound performance in every room of your home

A whole-home audio solution is a great investment for the entire family. With a multi-zone distributed audio system, everyone in your family can listen to the music, podcasts and audiobooks they want in any room of the house. Enhance your joy at home by adding music to family dinners, home workouts, and relaxing evenings with a good book.

Speaker selection is one of the most important parts of installing whole-home audio in your Cold Spring Harbor, NY, house. Of all the components that make up a sound system, speakers have the biggest impact on sound quality. In the long run, you’ll gain more value and enjoyment from your system by investing in high-end speaker brands from the beginning. Keep reading to learn our top recommendations for high-quality speakers for your home system.

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Why Choose High-End Speakers?

We can’t stress this enough: speaker quality has a significant impact on sound quality. The problem with purchasing out-of-the-box speakers from the store is that these components are not designed for quality. Big box store speakers are designed for mass production and cost efficiency – and unfortunately, quality gets the ax in that scenario.

High-end speakers are built with quality materials and powerful drivers, and they’re designed with engineering techniques intended to deliver high-performance sound with near-flawless fidelity. Quality speakers facilitate sound reproduction that’s more accurate, more dynamic, and more lifelike. To help you start choosing speakers for your home audio system, we’ve made some recommendations below.

Hi-Fi Speaker Recommendations

Learn Cravtsman’s high-end speaker recommendations for your whole-home system.

  • Meridian. Meridian is an audio industry giant. Their active in-wall and in-ceiling architectural loudspeakers are designed to deliver high-res audio with incredible tonal balance, low distortion, and exceptional clarity. Meridian’s loudspeakers use Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) technology to provide acute time-alignment of low, mid, and high frequencies, resulting in clearer, more lifelike sound.
  • Bryston. Bryston is another recognizable name in the audio industry. All their active and passive speakers come with an impressive, unmatched 20-year warranty. Bryston speakers are engineered to output all frequencies at equal levels across the entire listening window — both on-axis and off-axis (from +/- 15 degrees). This incredible power response eliminates major peaks and dips that throw off the tonal balance. The result is more pure and accurate sound performance across a wide dispersion. Bryston speakers are also adept at handling shifts between low and soft sounds with ease, at very low distortion levels.
  • Lyngdorf. Lyngdorf is the third iconic name in our speaker roundup. They offer a variety of architectural loudspeakers that use boundary woofers, bass management, and fully digital amplification technologies to drive incredibly clear, articulate, and dynamic sound. Lyngdorf also created the innovative RoomPerfect — room correction software that calibrates your listening environment acoustics for optimal audio performance. The result is music that sounds cleaner and more balanced wherever you are.

Cravtsman is a high-end audio dealer and expert in Cold Spring Harbor, NY and surrounding areas. If you need audio planning, design, and installation services for home theater, two-channel audio, or whole-home audio solutions, call us or fill out an online contact form to speak with our experts.

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