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What Technologies Are Essential in Home Theater Design?


The Perfect Home Cinema Needs These 3 Elements

Do you miss the roar of the crowd at a live game or the thrill of watching a new film in the movie theater? Just because some things are “on hold” during this season in our lives, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. In fact, a state-of-the-art home theater can bring everything to life again. You’ll enjoy an immersive entertainment experience – whether you’re watching a game, movie, or TV show.

Today’s home theaters offer everything from 4K and 8K displays and immersive surround sound to luxury seating and automated lighting. Read more to learn how to improve the entertainment at your home in Closter, NJ, with these three home theater design elements.

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The Best Display for Your Home Theater

A high-definition TV is still the focus of most home entertainment centers. They work well in a living room, but for a visually stunning experience in your home theater, you need something much better than that. The latest 4K TVs are UHD (ultra-high-definition) with HDR (high-dynamic-range) imaging to produce a broader range of colors with vibrant images. The clarity, color, and contrast put the HDs and older 4K TVs to shame. A 4K UHD with HDR imaging is the perfect TV to have in your home theater, unless . . .

You have an 8K TV! The 8Ks take your home theater experience to the highest level. With a resolution that is four times a 4K TV – 32 million pixels – it displays superior images and the best possible viewing experience. Rich textures, deep image detail, and amazing contrast make you feel like you’re right there in the action. Choose from a wide range of models as well as sizes to suit your needs.


Immerse Yourself in Surround Sound

If you’re not an audiophile, then you probably use your TV’s speakers for sound. If you’re a bit more tech-savvy, perhaps you have the audio going through soundbar or speaker system. However, TV speakers, a soundbar, or a traditional standalone speaker system cannot compete with a professional surround sound layout.  

High-fidelity speaker systems from makers like Sonance deliver unprecedented sound quality that transforms the way you watch live sports, movies, and shows. The system offers the most accurate sound reproduction that equals (if not exceeds) the audio quality in a movie theater.

Feel the rumble of the jets while watching an action movie. Join in the excitement as the crowd erupts when your team scores. Experience the tension as you listen to bone-chilling suspenseful music while watching a thriller. The truth is: You can’t do without a robust, surround-sound system in your home theater.

The Right Lights Set the Right Mood

Movie theaters use lights to set a mood and elevate the experience of their guests. The same is true for restaurants and many other entertainment venues. The right lighting in your home theater makes that space distinctly different from any other room in your house. By installing wall lights, recessed lighting and ambient lighting, you give your private theater real personality. Then, with smart lighting control, you can adjust everything from a touchpad, smartphone, or remote.

Let the team at Cravtsman design a home theater space that exceeds your expectations. Call us at (201) 620-2929 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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