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Healthy Air and Water Makes for Healthy People

Health seems to be at the top of everyone’s mind right now, and it’s something that should always be a priority. With all the time that you’re probably spending indoors, have you thought about your home’s air and water quality?

There’s definitely a pandemic to worry about — but the rising levels of air and water pollution that finds its ways into homes is another ongoing issue. Pure365 is a company that’s on a mission to protect homes from harmful particles and contaminants, and its products offer health benefits for you and your family.

Here’s why you should have a Pure365 air purification system in your New York City home.

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Air quality monitors are crucial to have in your home since their advanced sensors can determine the level of particulate matter, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, radon, and more in the air. Pure365 has an array of monitors to choose from: Awair Element, 9 in 1 Smart Air, and Dylos DC1700 EMI are a few. What stands out about Pure365 monitors is how they can communicate with Pure365 thermostats to activate your HVAC system when pollution levels pass a certain threshold. You can view all of this information in your Pure365 app, which will allows you to access real-time data about your air quality, as well as past pollution events.


Pure365’s Smart Thermostats do an excellent job communicating with Pure365 air quality monitors and then activating the fan on your HVAC system to add airflow. They will direct stale and polluted air through your return ducts and whole house filter system. Then clean, purified air exits out of your supply vents — helping your lungs and saving you energy. You can choose from the ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control or ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat.


You can count on Pure365 purifiers to deliver clean air throughout your home — they reduce your particulate level by 95%. The purifiers also ensure the water coming out of your tap is as pure as possible. Pure365’s air purifiers include the Ultrafine Whole House Air Cleaner, Ultrafine 468, Intellipure Compact, and Intellipure 950P. The company offers several water purifiers as well; the Bluewater Cleone™ removes chlorine or most all chemical and biological contaminants through reverse osmosis technology.

With a Pure365 system, you can enjoy pristine air at home and tap water that’s better than bottled water. Pure365 has developed advanced hardware and software, and a comprehensive app that lets you compare indoor and outdoor air quality and know when outdoor air is safe (for when you want to open your windows).

Through the app, you can also identify issues that are negatively affecting your health and access education about pollutants and the harm they cause. The app is also helpful for when you want to travel; it tracks air quality levels worldwide so you can better plan for your trips and activities outdoors.

There’s no doubt that having a Pure365 system can help you live a healthier life. At Cravtsman, our mission is to deliver the best and newest technology on the market to our customers, and we believe Pure365 is a leader in the air quality space. We’re proud to carry Pure365 products, and we have the expertise needed to install them in your home. Find out more by filling out our contact form!


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