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Commercial Environments

Scalable Technology Solutions for a Smarter Workplace

Set your Midtown, Upper East Side, or Upper West Side, New York, organization apart with intuitive boardroom automation, commercial lighting control, and video conferencing technologies that aid growth.


Elevate Your Business with Leading-Edge Technology

From corporate to classroom, smart technology puts your business or institution above the rest in overall efficiency and experience. Explore the possibilities below.

Integrated Building Control

Monitor and operate technology from a central hub to facilitate daily tasks.

Centralized Distribution

Streamline operations with remotely located equipment racks and automation gear.

Motorized Window Treatments

Optimize natural light while managing any resulting heat gain or UV damage.


High performance cameras with cloud or local storage help mitigate threats.

Distributed Audio

Deliver quality sound throughout your facility that is effortless to control.

Lighting Control

Improve employee morale and reduce costs with intuitive control.

Executive Conference Room

Communicate with your Cold Spring Harbor, NY organization's leaders with intuitive and collaborative conference room technologies that are easy to use and provide the highest levels of audio, video and environmental control.

Common Solutions

Commercial Lighting Control · Integrated Room Control · Boardroom Automation · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Window Treatments · Conference Room Technology


Lighting Control

Activate dynamic commercial lighting and shading control that are automated for the purpose of the meeting. Whether it’s a live boardroom meeting or video conferencing with the team in San Francisco, your team in Midtown or the Upper West Side will be ready.

Motorized Window Treatments

Command every window treatment in an instant for controlled natural lighting, temperature regulation and furnishing protection from damaging UV rays.

Video Conferencing

Lead more collaborative meetings with interactive on-premise or web-based video conferencing solutions that reliably connect remotely located staff and clients with your in-house team.

Restaurant / Bar

Create an exceptional dining experience for your patrons with customized scenes that automatically transition your lights, shades, climate and multimedia.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Distributed Video · Video Displays · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · LED Lighting · Wi-Fi


Lighting Control

Elevate the dining experience from morning to night with dynamic scenes that adjust automatically while maintaining the perfect mood.

Distributed Audio

Effortlessly control the audio in every zone of your restaurant from one centralized touch screen to provide seamless listening enjoyment for your patrons.

Video Displays

Broadcast the big game with state-of-the-art 4K displays that produce stunning picture both indoors and outdoors.

Professional Office

Improve business operations and morale with integrated technologies that help facilitate the success of your Midtown, Cold Spring Harbor or Upper West Side, NY company.

Common Solutions

Commercial Lighting Control · Motorized Shades · HVAC Control · Sound Masking · Access Control · Boardroom and Office Automation Systems · Conference Room Technology · Video Conferencing

professional office

Lighting Control

Create a welcoming and energized environment for staff and visitors with one-touch commercial lighting control and an office automation system. Use energy-saving motion sensors to keep lights running only when needed in the boardroom or conference room.

Motorized Window Treatments

Optimize comfort for your staff and reduce sun glare on monitors and TV displays with motorized solar shades that rise and lower in unison on your command.


Provide secure and reliable connectivity indoors and outdoors through systems engineered for scalability and enterprise-grade performance.


Create excitement and facilitate transactions with centralized control of architectural lighting, digital signage, audio systems and more.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Hidden Audio Video · Distributed Video · Surveillance · Facial Detection · Access Control


Lighting Control

Visually enhance your displays and merchandise with strategic, dynamic lighting for striking designs that draw the eyes to sales items and new products.

Distributed Audio

Give your brand a voice and increase add-on sales with strategically selected soundtracks that lift the spirits of your shoppers from the sales floor to the fitting room.


Analyze traffic patterns throughout your store to determine any inefficient shopping areas or foot congestion. Remotely monitor live or recorded footage for loiterers, intruders and vandals.

House of Worship

Welcome service attendees to a comfortable and calming refuge for worship with one-touch scenes that control lighting, climate, distributed audio and video displays and more.

Common Solutions

Commercial Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Distributed Video · Smart Building Automation · Entry Systems/Access Control · Video Conferencing

house of worship

Lighting Control

Adjust the ambiance for worship, education, performances and more with custom-tailored scenes that smoothly transition all lighting fixtures to the desired scene.

Distributed Audio

Ensure high-performance sound plays evenly across the sanctuary or into other nearby rooms with centralized control of your multi-zone audio system.

Distributed Video

Easily display engaging video across the sanctuary, in the halls and into other nearby rooms with a state-of-the-art multi-zone video switching and displays.

Huddle Room

Equip your flexible spaces with intelligent AV and integrated room control to better drive spontaneous collaboration.

Common Solutions

Commercial Lighting Control · Boardroom Automation · Conference Presentation Technology · Motorized Window Treatments · Phone and Video Conferencing

huddle room

Lighting Control

Maintain peak productivity and engagement at any time of day with dynamic light scenes for customized brightness.

Integrated Room Control

Make boardroom meetings on the Upper East Side more efficient and productive with conference room technology, room temperature, automated lights and more from one intuitive interface.

Presentation Technology

Seamlessly connect, present, share and collaborate with scalable, wireless presentation technology that omits the hassle of cords.

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